Onboard your clients in minutes, save yourself hours

Eliminate the time involved with manually onboarding clients, and instead create a seamless onboarding experience that will make your process more engaging and much more efficient. Here's how:

Create a secure Portal

Invite your clients to create their very own secure Portal. You can either add your white-labelled Portal registration page to your company website, or send your clients a secure link. 

Complete tasks in advance

Your clients can use their secure Portal to digitally share all the information you need remotely and ahead of an initial meeting, such as completing a fact find or exchanging documents.

Focus on what matters most

By allowing your clients to complete tasks in advance, you'll not only save valuable time, but you'll both be able to focus on what really matters most when you are together.

How much could you save?


An individual financial adviser with one paraplanner could save up to £14,000 each year simply by using our secure Portal*

2 hours

By using our secure Portal, you could save 2 hours for every brand-new client you digitally onboard

1 hour

By using our secure Portal, you could save 1 hour for every ongoing client you digitally engage with for up-to-date information

Unlock a more engaging and much more efficient process

A secure Portal not only saves you time by bringing an end to manual onboarding tasks, but is also the key to unlocking a more engaging and much more efficient process. Here's how:

Focus on what matters most

A secure Portal enables tasks to be completed ahead of a meeting, meaning both you and your clients can focus on what really matters most when you are together.

Become much more efficient

By digitally onboarding your clients, you'll be able to send their information to all the other software providers you use, without manually keying any of it.

Transform client engagement

With the secure Portal app, you can keep clients better informed, as well as allow them to complete tasks at a time and place convenient to them and on a device which they prefer.

How important was digital onboarding in 2021?


or 42,000 hours were saved by financial advisers digitally onboarding and engaging with clients using our secure Portal*


brand-new households created their very own secure Portal (27% have now been created by clients aged 60-79)


digital fact finds were completed, which includes brand-new clients being digitally onboarded


documents were digitally exchanged, with 60% of them being securely sent by clients to their financial adviser

An onboarding solution that's ideal for you and any of your clients

Manually onboarding clients is a time-intensive task, but with our secure Portal, you can create a seamless experience that will benefit both you and any of your clients. Here's why:

It's efficient

Not only will you save time, but 83% of clients believe they also save time completing a digital fact find when compared to filling out a traditional paper version.

It's engaging

Clients today expect to be digitally engaged, and 90% prefer to complete tasks remotely, at a time and place convenient to them and on a device which they prefer. 

It's secure

With industry standard AES-256 encryption, our Portal is bank-level secure, allowing you and your clients to communicate and share information with confidence.

It's easy

A secure Portal makes it easy for you to digitally onboard clients of all ages, and 94% say completing a digital fact find is far easier than a traditional paper version.

It's integrated

As well as being integrated with back-offices, our secure Portal also provides seamless access to an identity verification system and an attitude to risk questionnaire.

It's versatile

You have complete control over what your clients experience, from the branding they see when logging in to their secure Portal, to the questions you ask within your digital fact find. 

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*based on our Return On Investment calculator which uses information from the FCA, NextWealth, Platforum, and our own research/expert opinion