Über uns

Wir ermöglichen bessere Investments durch die Vernetzung von Fondsanbietern und Fondsdistributoren und indem wir sie dabei unterstützen, verlässliche Fondsinformationen zu teilen und auf deren Grundlage zu handeln.


FE fundinfo, your global fund provider

FE fundinfo facilitates better, more efficient investing by connecting fund managers and fund distributors and enabling them to share and act on trusted, insightful information. We provide the data, tools, infrastructure and expertise required to research, distribute, market and invest in funds and model portfolios – maximising efficiencies for asset managers and fund distributors through our unique cloud platform.

  • We help fund managers collate, store and share their fund data – reducing costs and creating operational efficiencies.
  • We also connect them to an extensive network of fund distributors and media partners helping them increase AUM and brand awareness.
  • We provide the marketplace with comprehensive, accurate information on funds, and help fund managers mitigate risk and remain compliant.
  • We help fund distributors streamline reporting processes and service their clients in the most efficient way.
  • We also provide them with easy access to high-quality, accurate fund information and help them keep up with regulation and compliance.
  • We also assist financial advisers in the UK streamline their investment propositions via risk targeted model portfolios

What makes us different:

We believe there are two things that make us stand out from the crowd – our data quality and coverage and our unique place within the investment industry.

Our business is based on the three core pillars of Trust, Connectivity and Innovation. Together, they are the essence of our vision.



We have proven expertise in the fund industry and provide high-quality information that our customers trust.



We connect the industry for fund managers, fund distributors, and investors - facilitating collaboration, driving efficiencies and adding value for all parties.



We combine data and technology to deliver value in new ways and help people make confident investments backed by innovation and expertise.

Our Awards

A selection of FE fundinfo's most recent industry awards