DDO Solutions for Product Issuers

We specialise in data collection, dissemination and document creation through user-friendly, scalable and automated solutions.


Obligations for Product Issuers

In the creation of a financial product, there are 5 key areas that need to be addressed by product issuers to be compliant with the regulation:

For more information on these obligations, read our White Paper.

Solutions for Product Issuers


Document Production (TMD Creation)

Automate your data validation and target market determination (TMD) creation and achieve operational efficiencies that can help you meet your DDO requirements.


Data Dissemination

Ensure the timely delivery of your quality controlled DDO and TMD data to all relevant distributors, investors and platforms via our data dissemination service.


Document (TMD) Dissemination

Ensure the timely, compliant, and efficient delivery of your target market determination (TMD) documents to all the relevant distributors, investors and platforms.

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