Design and Distribution Obligation (DDO) for Fund Managers

Helping you meet your regulatory responsibilities under ASIC's DDO legislation ahead of the October 2021 deadline


Will you be ready for the October 2021 deadline?

We help Fund Managers meet their DDO requirements

Regulatory review and consequent adjustments are common to the fund industry, and the upcoming DDO regulation is the next source of additional data dissemination responsibilities. Our regulatory data solutions ensure you are well equipped to adhere to regulatory obligations ahead of schedule.

We collect and validate fund data, populate regulatory data templates and distribute files where necessary. We also give you the ability to visualise the quality and timeliness of your fund data delivery through a live interactive dashboard.

Thanks to our extensive capabilities in data, dissemination and regulatory compliance, our solutions for fund managers and fund distributors can alleviate the challenges you may have in meeting your regulatory obligations, while also helping you optimise your resources and reduce your risk.

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How it works for Fund Managers:

Regulatory Data Templates_Fun Manager Process

Our data portal is designed to collect relevant data, including costs, charges, and static data. Once the data is checked for completeness and accuracy, it is disseminated to relevant third party data vendors, such as platforms, managed portfolio providers and fund distributors.

Our live control finally ensures the delivery of data in a standard XML or CSV format for easy consumption.

Our calculation engine produces information required for performance scenarios and risk indicators which may be based on fund price volatility. It also calculates other performance and risk measures based on a variety of criteria.

Once data is placed in requisite templates, we ensure final distribution to all necessary parties in a standard XLSX or CSV format. Furthermore, users are able to track and monitor data distribution through a control panel.



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Simple and effective

We are data collection experts and can work with your business without the need to change any of your systems or processes.

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Accurate and timely

Our ISO accredited processing teams check and validate data as part of the collection process to ensure it is correct, thereby improving accuracy and timeliness.

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Transparent and compliant

You can track and monitor your data delivery at any time, using our dashboard. This keeps you informed about the quality and timeliness of data distribution, giving you full visibility, which is essential for any transparent and compliant process.

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Our solutions are scalable and flexible and able to incorporate any future regulatory changes.


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