ESG, or ‘environmental, social and governance’ investing continues to be an area of growth and focus for asset managers, financial advisers and investors, alike. 

What this means for the investment industry is that its participants can no longer afford to view ESG investing as a ‘subset’ or niche area for just an interested few.

While ESG disclosure and reporting is not mandatory in Australia, it is likely that we will follow in the UK and Europe’s footsteps in the not-so-distant future.

The upcoming regulations in those jurisdictions mean that fund groups and advisers will soon be obligated to consider various ESG factors within their propositions and, as investor demand increases, think carefully about how their propositions can attract and retain socially conscious investors.

ESG Investment Reporting Solutions:

FE fundinfo provides an individual, cost-effective solution to measure and benchmark the ESG performance of your investments, and to reveal hidden ESG-related investment risks.

  • Tailor-made reporting solution with an objective and standardised framework for in-depth analysis

  • Efficient benchmarking and peer group comparison

  • Suitable for all funds, portfolios and mandates


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The ESG world is a complex and fast-moving one and we’re here to help the industry prepare for imminent change.

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