Technology at FE fundinfo

Find out how our agile teams come together as global solution providers using the latest tools and techniques


What we do

Our technology teams build and deploy software products for a wide range of financial market clients with a primary focus on the fund data value chain.


  • We are a cloud first solution provider working with Azure and other cloud platforms


  • We combine product experts with our UX, development and QA teams to deliver features roadmaps for our 15 products


  • We are adopting devOps models across all our teams and have invested in pipeline architectures for seamless deployment strategies


  • Our infrastructure engineers support our development teams with advanced IaC frameworks to provide scale, monitoring and support for our resilience patterns


  • We develop API families for our product to aid greater integration with our clients and partners

FE fundinfo around the world

FE fundinfo's technology teams are predominantly based in Chennai, India and Brno, Czech Republic, with office, additional resources and support around the world,

Why join the FE fundinfo technology team?

We pride ourselves on being “Expert Navigators”: we are thought leaders in the industry as we provide invaluable insights and help clients to manage their data and deliver their client and compliance requirements. To do this well, we require a strong internal support network of “enablers” – teams that may not have direct access to the customer, but whose work allows our client facing teams to provide the best experience for our customers.

Finally, we look to “Make Waves” in the industry, and internally, by being professionally courageous in pioneering new standards and passionate about innovation, to bring simplicity and transparency to the complex.

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FE fundinfo Developer API Portal


The FE fundinfo API Developer Portal offers our developer community subscription-based access to a suite of APIs focused on the comprehensive data sets available via our portfolio of products.