Managing the Coronavirus crisis and anxious clients - 6th May

In this Webinar we explore the effect of the Coronavirus crisis on markets and how to support your clients through times of uncertainty.

06 May 2020 - 06 May 2020
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With markets experiencing volatility not witnessed since 2008, effective communication is vital to help ease client concerns. In this Webinar our Investment Strategist, Ed Margot, looks in detail at the effect the Coronavirus crisis has had on markets and reveals some key charts that could provide a guide on what happens next.

Ed will also introduce our award-winning Managed Portfolio Service and demonstrate how FE Investments can align with your business, support your client communication and reporting, drive revenue and aid client retention.

This update will cover:

  • FE Investments’ philosophy, process and models
  • How the crisis has affected different markets
  • Capital preservation and investing during a crisis
  • How long could a recession last?
  • Should we expect V, L or U shape recovery?

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