Swagger DocumentationThe FE fundinfo API Developer Portal offers our developer community subscription-based access to a suite of APIs focused on the comprehensive data sets available via our portfolio of products.

This best of breed, self-serve platform provides all of the necessary details for developers to explore our data and integrate their applications or back-office systems quickly and easily. Our selection of modern, restful APIs, which conform to the latest OpenAPI specification and support additional functionality through use of the OData (Open Data) protocol, offer high speed, on-demand, data access.



We have all of the features developers would expect from a modern API portal, such as:

  • API-specific Swagger documentation, with schemas, field lists & "Try it out" functionality
  • Downloadable API definitions in YAML, JSON or WADL
  • Code samples in a wide range of languages - C#, JavaScript, Python etc...
  • Comprehensive analytics on usage, health and activity



We have proven expertise in the fund industry and provide high-quality information that our customers trust.


We connect the industry for fund managers, fund distributors and investors - facilitating collaboration, driving efficiencies and adding value for all parties.


We combine data and technology to deliver value in new ways and help people make confident investments backed by innovation and expertise.