Sustainable investing with consistent returns

Our Responsibly Managed Portfolios have been designed for conscientious clients seeking a positive effect from their investments, with the aim of consistent returns.

Each of the portfolios consists of 10 holdings and blends a range of fund strategies to provide further diversification.


Positive investing

Responsibly managed is a broad term used by our Analysts to describe a range of methods used by fund managers to identify investments that have a positive effect on society.

There are three core responsibility strategies that we consider when constructing these portfolios:

  • Negative screening - this aims avoid investing in unethical sectors such as tobacco and arms dealing
  • ESG – economic, social and governance is a way of measuring a company’s social conscience in their industries.
  • Positive screening - this aims to invest in areas that make a positive outcome on the environment or society.

Robust fund selection process

FE fundinfo’s ratings system and comprehensive fund data are used to create an initial shortlist of responsible funds, forming the FE Investments Approved List.

Our team of analysts review each fund on the list to select those using the responsibility strategies. They aim to exclude funds that fail to meet risk or responsibility criteria.

We combine the criteria into our portfolio reporting to give you greater insight into the manner in which your portfolio is effecting society.

The Responsibly Managed range offers a choice of 15 portfolios, with five risk-optimised portfolios spanning three investment time horizons.

Our Responsibly Managed Portfolio service supports Advisers by providing their clients with an option to have a positive effect from investments. We provide content and reporting to demonstrate the impact of investing in responsible portfolios and our portfolio factsheets are tailored specifically for conscious investors highlighting the responsible factors.

We offer the range via 17 different platforms: Advance, Aegon, Aegon Retirement choices, AJ Bell, Ascentric, Aviva, Funds Network, Fusion, James Hay, Novia, Nucleus, Old Mutual Wealth, Standard Life Elevate, Standard Life Wrap, Transact and 7IM.

FE Investments is a trading name for Financial Express Investments Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FE fundinfo Limited. Financial Express Investments Limited is registered in England and Wales (03110696) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (209967).

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