Optimise resources and reduce compliance risk

Our regulatory data solutions for Insurance Companies and Platforms, collects data including costs & charges, target market and KIDs from asset managers and distributes them direct to you.

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Simple and effective

We are data collection experts and can work with your business without you needing to change any of your systems or processes.

Our European MiFID II template (EMT) and Defined Contribution Pension Template (DCPT) will ensure you meet your regulatory obligations.


Accurate and timely

Our ISO accredited processing teams check and validate all the data as part of the collection process to ensure it is correct, thereby improving accuracy and timeliness.


Transparency and compliance

You can track and monitor your data delivery at any time, using our dashboard. This service keeps you informed about the quality and timeliness of the data distribution, giving you full visibility which is essential for any transparent and compliant process.

All managers of a fund available in a workplace pension scheme have to provide detailed cost and charges information. Using the standard template developed by the Association of British Insurers and the Investment Association, our DCPT data solution collects and validates the data before disseminating it to you, in CSV or XLSX formats.

We collect the relevant data covering costs, charges and product governance using our data portal, which validates the format and completeness of the data. We then disseminate the EMT data to you.

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