Research Discretionary Fund Managers model portfolios

Access underlying portfolio data and conduct detailed analysis on the Discretionary Model Portfolio providers you work with.


Select and monitor DFM model portfolios

If you have found it much harder to research (Discretionary Fund Managed) DFM Model Portfolios than other types of investments, we can help you overcome this challenge. Accessed via FE Analytics, our Model Portfolio Service (MPS) provider directory gives you access to all of the underlying holdings data of the model portfolios your clients are invested in, allowing you to integrate this information into your due diligence, portfolio selection and reporting.

The data is collected straight from the model or discretionary provider, ensuring it’s both up-to-date and accurate. And you can monitor changes to the portfolio, enabling you to check that it continues to meet your clients’ risk levels.


Demonstrate the impact of your advice

As the MPS data can be accessed via FE Analytics you can compare your clients’ model portfolios with benchmarks of your choosing. And ‘what if’ scenarios can be analysed at all portfolio switching points, which allows you to monitor investments and demonstrate the impact of your advice.


Benefits for model portfolio providers too

The MPS Directory enables model portfolio providers to distribute their portfolio data, literature and factsheets direct to advisers increasing transparency in the DFM marketplace.

By accessing a more comprehensive view of the underlying holdings of your outsourced investment propositions, you can evidence client suitability. All model data is collected straight from the model or discretionary provider promising accuracy and up to date prices.

Gain and review a range of Discretionary Model Portfolio factsheets and Governance reports in one place with access to information on 50 Discretionary Model Portfolio providers.

Be notified when changes occur with the model portfolios that you have selected. You can monitor changes to the sector, asset and regional allocations of the portfolios and consistently evaluate their suitability for clients’ risk levels.

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