Access the power of our fund data

Our range of investment data feed services provides you with access to the fund data you need, when you need it. What’s more, we collect all our fund data directly from source, which means we can be certain that it is immediate, accurate and consistent.


Breadth, depth and quality

Fulfil all your fund data needs; from simple price feeds for valuations to complex bespoke solutions. Access fund prices, dividends, histories and factsheet data for over 300,000 UK, onshore and international funds.


Reliable and customisable

Our technology environment adheres to ISO standards for data management, which means our feeds are always available when needed.

Feeds can be customised for format, frequency, fields and data granularity, fund and instrument universe and delivery mechanism.



We structure our feeds to be delivered at a time that suits you. Our databases are constantly updating, which means we can deliver feeds on demand or on a rolling basis throughout the day.

UK, European and global investment funds, pension funds, life insurance funds, offshore funds, offshore life insurance funds, ETFs, investment trusts, VCTs and hedge funds.

Prices, dividends, corporate actions (capital events) and histories, performance, volatility and key investment ratio figures.

Extensive benchmark coverage, including all major indices and sector benchmarks. We can also provide equity data, factsheet information and news.

Our highly skilled team of data specialists, business analysts and support staff ensure you get the support you need throughout the build and delivery of a feed.

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