Trusted, comprehensive fund data and documents

Our customisable fund data and document feed services give you direct and efficient access via secure APIs to quality-controlled fund documents and data of your choice from a single, reliable source.


Accurate fund data and documents the way you need it


With our Data and Document Feed Services and the simple web-based dashboards you can customise your fund data or fund document feed exactly how you want it.

Supporting all major fund markets in Europe and Asia, our Feed Service give you direct and efficient access to high-quality fund data and documents of your choice from the world’s most prominent fund houses.


Boost your efficiency and save a great deal of time


Our Feed Services save client advisors and portfolio managers a lot of time by minimising the resources required to procure, quality control and distribute fund documents and data and lets you avoid costly errors.

Quality assured fund data and documents


You benefit by receiving high-quality fund data and documents which are provided to us directly from the fund houses or their approved partners.

Our in-house fund experts add an additional layer of quality-control to ensure you receive the most accurate and timely fund information possible.

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