New and exciting enhancements coming to

Based on your feedback, we will be adding some exciting new features and services on, which will become available in July including a new lead generation button.

26 June 2020

At FE fundinfo, we are always looking for ways to advance and refine our services, and to help fund managers better inform investors with key fund information, when it matters most – at the point of research and decision-making.

The internet is crowded with data ready to be consumed by users. Over 4.5 billion people are actively using the internet, that’s 59% of the global population. With billions of people contributing to the data footprint online, what matters most is the clarity, reliability and validity of the data available.

Based on your feedback, we will be adding some exciting new features and services on, which will become available in July including;

  • A new lead generation button
  • Streamlined fund information
  • New performance charts
  • An advanced fund comparison feature

New Lead Generation service for Fund Managers

To help you better target your audience, build relationships and connect with your potential investors, a new ‘Lead Generation Link’ will be launched for members. With more than 40 million fund documents, 120,000 share classes and 21,000 funds on the platform, the new feature will allow fund managers to add a lead generation button on the fund details page for each fund.

The user-friendly feature will allow you to capture potential leads visiting specific fund detail pages on, with an added invitation to provide further information about the benefits of your fund.

You will be able to decide the destination of the button, whether it be to pages providing additional fund information, prompting newsletter subscriptions, or directing users to campaign specific landing pages, events and content, further enhancing their investor journey.

Streamlined fund information

We will be reducing the number of folders and categorising the information provided on the fund detail pages. This will allow for a quicker decision-making process, making it easier for potential investors to find the information they need. Fund information will be categorised under “Overview”, “Fees and Charges”, “Ratings”, and “Performance”, further improving site navigation and the investor journey.

New performance charts

Users will now have the added benefit of seeing a visual overview of fund performance. From July, new dynamic configurable performance charts on the fund detail pages will become available. This new feature will bring your fund data to life, giving potential investors the flexibility to assess your fund performance in a visually engaging way.

Fund comparison feature

Users will also enjoy a new comparative feature which will allow them to compare up to five funds side-by-side. This will allow investors to make more thorough fund comparisons along their decision-making journey.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the new features and services, contact us today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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