We believe in making the fund ecosystem Better Connected and Better Informed, giving our clients and partners the confidence to make the best possible choices by accessing accurate and timely fund information anywhere, at any time.

Trusted for our technology solutions, research and analysis, open international network and expert insights, we provide transparency and enable efficiencies to unlock business potential for fund managers, distributors and financial advisers.

FE fundinfo - Global leader in investment fund data and technology.

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of financial advisers who consume third-party research for fund selection use FE Analytics and FE fundinfo Ratings.*


pageviews on Trustnet in 2021


media, business and technology partners across Continental Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia


in assets managed by FE Investments and we operate the fastest growing DFM on Platform **

Powering the investment industry

We develop and deliver award-winning products and solutions backed by accurate, trusted data. Some of our products include: Trustnet, FE Analytics, fundinfo.com and Money Management. We serve Asset Managers, Fund Distributors, Independent Financial Advisers, Banks, Insurance and Life & Pension companies and Private Investors throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

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Imagine you had the confidence that

  • Your data was organised and accurate
  • Your partners could access and leverage it with ease
  • It flowed seamlessly into your regulatory reporting, marketing document production and digital investor engagement tools
  • You could distribute that data to the largest global network of distributors from a single source

What would that give you the freedom to do?

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Imagine you had the confidence that

  • The data you need to make investment decisions was accurate and configurable​
  • Your teams could access and leverage it anywhere, any time​
  • It flowed seamlessly into your regulatory reporting, marketing document production and digital investor engagement tools​
  • The research you are using unbiased and reliable

What would that give you the freedom to do?

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Imagine you had the confidence that

  • The data you need to make investment decisions was accurate and accessible​
  • You had information and technology that added value to your client conversations​
  • Your clients felt empowered to actively participate in the advice process​
  • The tools you use to deliver advice were integrated and aligned​
  • Your clients were investing in solutions that managed risk and met their expectations

What would that give you the freedom to do?

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The growth and evolution of ESG investing

2022 ESG Whitepaper

In this edition we explore the evolution of ESG investing, advances made in regulation and data provision, where the gaps still lie, and how companies, fund providers and investors can avoid the dangers of greenwashing.

Key themes explored:

  • The current ESG landscape
  • Regulation - Where are we now?
  • Evaluation & impact of ESG data 
  • Challenges for ESG investors
  • The journey ahead

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*UK Fund Distribution: The Influence of Research Agencies, Platforum 2017, **As of November 2021