The fund data management challenge for Asset Managers

Constant regulatory change, the demand for more investor transparency and access to data driven insights by an increasing number of market participants within the fund management ecosystem is driving up the challenge of fund data management. 

The symptoms?

  • Core data sets missing
  • Disparate and disconnected sources
  • Difficulty transmitting and receiving data
  • Spread of erroneous data downstream
  • Time delays

Ensuring the highest level of fund data quality is crucial for the smooth and efficient distribution of funds, whether on a local or global scale. The importance of fund data quality cannot be emphasised enough.

What is My Data? 

My Data is the key to enhancing your fund data management. As an application available to all Asset Managers who submit data to FE fundinfo, My Data gives you 24/7 accessibility and transparency of your fund data against our golden source database.

My Data gives you back control of your fund data quality with the ability to review and rectify anomalies once your fund data has been submitted and passed through our validation controls, providing invaluable insights and reports which highlight areas for improvement. 

Fund data management

What access to My Data means for you

Data Quality

Data Quality

Improved quality and streamlined fund data management process

Data Governance

Data Governance

Improved oversight and ability to directly interface with your data

Real Insights

Real Insights

Unparalleled insights into your data quality, benchmarked against your peers

Time Saving

Time Saving

Time spent managing inaccuracies dramatically reduced


My Data Modules


A snapshot view of the data supply coming from asset managers and nominated agencies that goes into our golden source database.


A list view of an asset manager's data anomalies and queries flagged by our validation controls with an option to accept or reject them.

Health Score

Insight into your overall data quality, based on data coverage and timeliness, and also reportable by data type.

Distributor Requests

Insight into missing or erroneous data requested by distributors, with featured reporting functionality.

On-demand Webinar: The Future of Fund Data

In this webinar, we cover:

  • How FE fundinfo's 'My Data’ application is supporting asset managers with expert fund data management.
  • The role of global fund classifications and ratings in the market
  • How technology and automation can enrich data, uphold integrity and our ability to extract meaningful insights

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