Helping Advisers Promote your Managed Accounts

How can managed account providers make their products more compelling to advisers to leverage the continued growth and adoption of these investment solutions?

12 November 2021

Despite volatile markets and business disruption caused by the global pandemic, managed accounts have seen continued growth and adoption due to the numerous benefits they offer advice practices.

Recent industry research highlights the key benefits contributing to the popularity of these alternative investment products, the most significant being the positive impact of these solutions on advice processes and businesses during extremely trying times.

Through the use of managed accounts, advisers are finding it easier to meet best interest obligations and are seeing an improvement on their client value propositions due to having more time to focus on client goals, providing tailored service, and meeting clients’ best interests.

Advisers also indicated that the main reasons for outsourcing their investment solutions and using managed accounts include

  • Reduced risk for a practice
  • Access to institutional-grade investment management
  • Time freed up to focus more on engaging and educating clients
  • Reduced regulatory burden
  • Greater transparency
  • Better investment returns
  • Tax effective investing
  • Lower cost of providing advice.


How can providers and platforms make their managed account products more compelling and increase adoption by advisers and their clients?

One way to do this is through helping the adviser demonstrate the value of the managed account as an investment solution by means of easy to understand, comparative, visually compelling reports and dynamic factsheets that highlight the factors crucial to a client’s investment decision.

Ensuring that advisers have access to the information that sets one managed account option apart from another and highlights key information at a glance, will go a long way in distinguishing a provider’s offering and the likelihood of its growth.

Going a step further, automating the production of these reports and factsheets can greatly benefit both the managed account provider and the adviser. Not only will it improve the adviser and client decision making process, it will also improve efficiencies and the distribution process in a provider’s business, free up resources and create an audit trail for both the managed account provider and adviser.

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