SPF Private Clients

06 Juli 2019

SPF Private Clients is a specialist mortgage broker with sub-divisions in areas such as wealth planning and pensions. They provide independent advice that is whole-of-market and specialising in high worth clients.

The Challenge

“Prior to signing up for FE Analytics we were having to collate all of our fund research from numerous different locations, such as free websites, individual fund provider’s factsheets and other data sources. This was really time consuming but FE Analytics has changed all of this and we’re now able to conduct all of our fund research in one place. The data produced is also of the same format, therefore saving us more time. We really like the sophistication of FE Analytics and it has completely changed our business procedures. It allows us to analyse the performance of funds in increased granularity and make our investment decision with greater conviction. With RDR approaching it also reinforces and supports the value of our professional advice."
Anthony Cousins - Chartered Financial Planner, SPF Private Clients.

Prior to signing up for the FE Analytics system, their practice conducted fund research by consulting a wide range of different sources from fund websites, published information from the fund providers themselves and a variety of other data streams.

This was not only time consuming as a process, but the information compiled was also found to be of varying formats and lacked consistency with which to analyse the data as well as report to their clients.

The Solution

Enabling SPF Private Clients to streamline their research and reporting process.
They have since found that this new approach has completely changed their business practice.

They can now rely on a single data source for their fund research and portfolio analysis and no longer spend countless hours going to different data sources to get the information they need. SPF Private Clients make extensive use of the FE Analytics charting and performance tools to quickly create in-depth comparisons in an easily digestible format. The FE Analytics fund factsheets and comparison tools have also allowed them to analyse investments to a level that would have previously not been possible to attain.

They also use the portfolio function to create and manage model portfolios whilst being able to create customised performance and ratio tables to easily review and monitor the portfolios and their underlying holdings.

FE Analytics has allowed SPF Private Clients to bring fund research, investment comparisons and portfolio creation and monitoring into a single, highly sophisticated system. It has also provided consistent and high-quality reports which have allowed them to demonstrate far more powerfully the added value their professional advice brings to their clients. Also, by being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their research and analysis needs, they now have more time to dedicate to actively servicing the needs of their clients.