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Factsheet Production

Revolutionise your fund factsheet production through dramatically elevated accuracy and speed-to-market with FE fundinfo's automated factsheet configuration and production tool.

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Optimise 90% of your marketing document production at scale in up to 30 languages

Our analysis shows that a medium to large-size asset management business needs to generate monthly on average 10,000 factsheet documents across around 1,000 share classes but manages to deliver only a fraction to required timescales.

Factsheet production can be a lengthy and frustrating process with hours wasted on manual reconciliation, underlying data verification and back-and-forth with vendors, having detrimental effect on your operations and sales efforts. 

Our Factsheet Production solution is tailored for forward-thinking companies seeking to improve their market agility and reduce overheads. Our automated platform revolutionizes the production of sales documents, delivering them faster, at scale and with more control and transparency. Position your business for success with our smart, efficient, and reliable service that sets new standards in document creation. 

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  • Reduce operating costs

    Our cutting-edge technology eliminates manual intervention and repetitive data entry, thus risks of errors enabling you to benefit from advanced functionalities such as localisation and focus on your BAU.

  • Optimise your process

    Increase operational efficiencies and streamline your fund lifecycle management by investing in a comprehensive solution that integrated with all the capabilities available in the Fund Information Hub.

  • Extend your global reach

    Your factsheets can be produced in up to 30 languages, in large volumes, and in compliance with local legislation, supporting your global distribution efforts.


Data is at the heart of what we do

Our data management capabilities are invaluable to compliant and timely factsheet production

  • 13 m+


    Processed monthly

  • 150 k


    Generated every hour

  • 1.4 m


    Volume ingested monthly


A module within our end-to-end solution

Freeing up your resources and reducing risks with our factsheet production service

Golden source of data

We accept data in all forms and from all sources. Whether its in a spreadsheet or from a third party, we’ll produce a single source of clean data. 

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  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
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Control & analytics

You will have round-the-clock access to FE fundinfo’s established production platform and enjoy features such as monitoring tools, exception handling functions and analytics, available via intuitive dashboard.

  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
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Audit trail and archive

Our secure document production platform produces an audit trail of all completed actions, offering complete transparency and compliance throughout the creation process. Published documents are also archived for 10 years allowing you to review them in the future. User permissions are controlled and managed by you to provide additional security.

  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
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Efficient process

Our configuration tool gives you the flexibility to build branded templates with ease. Our secure portal also allows you to review your documents in both PDF or HTML formats.

  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
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Data accuracy & timeliness

Data errors and never-ending manual verification are the past – take advantage of a technology-driven solution based on robust data validation, strict logic and lifecycle management features.

  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
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