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Optimise the cross-border distribution of your funds

Increase your speed to market with our team of fund registration and cross-border distribution experts, and take away the burden of complex fund registration, maintenance and disclosure obligations globally.

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3.5 million documents transmitted to NCAs annually and counting

The evolving complexities of fund distribution require asset managers and fund management companies to pay close attention to how their funds are structured and ensure they comply with relevant local registration requirements. 

Keeping on top of new and evolving regulations, for every jurisdiction you market and distribute your funds in, is challenging. If not managed properly, this could result in significant compliance costs and operational inefficiencies.

Our team of experts will ensure smooth and compliant fund registration and maintenance on a global scale. Our proprietary transmission and communication platform provides a gateway for compliant communication with and submission to a number of national competent authorities (NCAs), including Luxembourg authorities and regulators across Europe. 

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  • Work with experts

    The team, including our regulatory experts, has the requisite expertise to be able to help you navigate the complexities of the cross-border registration process.

  • Improve efficiencies & reduce costs

    We will handle all the administrative burden normally associated with the cross-border registration of funds, giving you back the freedom to focus on your core business, managing and growing assets.

  • Flexible & comprehensive service

    The service is completely adaptable to your requirements. It allows you to hand over as much or as little of the process as you wish. We also ensure the registration is compliant year-on-year by liaising with the necessary third parties.

  • Powered by technology

    Our proprietary system facilitates validation, verification and secure maintenance of large quantities of data which is then used to compose high quality documents and investor communications at scale.


Our solution caters to all of your funds' launch and maintenance needs

Global Funds Registration

Our Global Funds Registration service acts as the central point of contact for all your registration requirements. This includes a bespoke Registration Manager who you’ll have full access to, offering guidance through the complex requirements of cross-border funds registration.

  • Fund registrations & maintenance
  • Speed-to-market
  • Cost efficiency
  • Specialist advice
  • Digitalisation and automation

Regulatory Filing & Reporting

We facilitate secure and compliant communication with more than 63 national competent authorities (NCA's) and 1,100 filing entities from the financial sector who use our solutions. We generate and distribute for you, more than 14 different regulatory submissions, including notifications, periodic reports, KIID updates, AIF and AIFM regulatory reporting, to name just a few.

  • Digitalised and automated
  • Regulator approved and compliant
  • Intuitive and transparent
  • Available via single portal
  • Ringfenced regulatory data

European Facilities Services

Our Facilities Services offer competitive pricing as we charge by the country/umbrella, rather than the sub-fund or share class. With just one contract, covering all specified countries, we remove your reliance on costly paying agents. You are also able to capitalise on our regulatory expertise and wide range of capabilities throughout the entire fund lifecycle, all in compliance with the European Cross-Border Distribution of Funds (CBDF) framework.

  • Up to 40% cost savings on paying agents
  • Complementary service to Global Fund Registration
  • Requirements of CBDF addressed through a single solution

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