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Ratings for Asset Managers

Enhance your global presence in the eyes of your target audience with FE fundinfo’s independent, recognized and trusted quantitative fund ratings.

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FE fundinfo's Ratings Product

FE fundinfo’s fund ratings can support your funds’ success and raise their visibility on a global platform. Our ratings are a hallmark of integrity born out of an independent, unbiased and transparent methodology, trusted by fund selectors, financial advisers and retail investors around the world.

Our ratings help asset managers compare funds and investors make informed investment decisions. Support the growth of your assets under management in an increasingly competitive marketplace to position the key performance attributes of a fund such as active/passive fund performance, manager track history and alpha generation.

Our ISO-accredited database and award-winning investment and research team powers the robust methodology behind our independent and quantitative fund ratings, enhancing your credibility in the market and widely recognised by our vast audience of active users across FE Analytics and Trustnet.

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  • Independent and widely respected

    Our Ratings are powered by our independent ISO-accredited database and we only charge logo usage rights once a rating has been achieved.

  • Showcase your funds

    Highlight key features such as active and passive fund performance, manager track history and alpha generation.

  • Trusted by fund selectors

    We are consistently voted as the ‘Leading Investment Research, Ratings and Data Provider’ by Advisers.

  • Strength in numbers

    Our Ratings are used as key search criteria in FE Analytics, Trustnet and on a wide network of distributor platforms and fund centres, reaching millions of fund selectors every year.

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in numbers

  • 15 .8k

    fund searches

    conducted on FE Analytics using FE fundinfo Ratings filters

  • 126 k+

    monthly searches

    conducted on Trustnet

  • 3 ,397

    Investment Association funds

    crown rated

  • 80 %

    of advisers

    that consume 3rd party research for fund picking or building in-house solutions, use FE fundinfo


Ratings for Asset Managers

Benefit from the only Ratings provider that evaluates all key performance attributes of a fund.

Crown Ratings - Active

The Crown Fund Rating is a quantitative rating that is based on a fund’s historical performance relative to an appropriate benchmark.

Relying on three key measurements - alpha, volatility and consistent performance, the ratings are designed to help investors distinguish funds that have superior performance in terms of stock picking, consistency and risk control. It is rebalanced twice yearly in January and July.

  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
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Crown Ratings - Passive

Passive funds and exchange-traded funds attempt to track their index, with the aim of delivering a return as closely in line with it as possible.

The Passive Crown Fund Rating incorporates the tracking difference, tracking error and fund size to rate consistency. It is rebalanced twice yearly in January and July.

  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
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Alpha Manager Rating

The Alpha Manager Rating is a quantitative rating that distinguishes the top UK fund managers based on alpha generation and outperformance across their career history, allowing investors to instantly identify those managers who have consistently outperformed their peer group over time.

An annual event is held to celebrate winners in key categories at the FE fundinfo Alpha Manager of the Year Awards. To find out more, enquire here. 

  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
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FE Investments Approved

Combining multiple ratings and qualitative research, our research team run an outsourced investment proposition for advisers that combines fund selection, risk-targeted portfolio management and governance. The bedrock of our research proposition is its fund list - the FE Investments Approved List. The List is constructed from multiple angles and represents the best funds, fund managers and fund groups in the industry.

  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
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ESG Ratings

ESG Ratings are designed to give investors and fund selectors an indication of a fund’s ESG performance and risk. However, little to no uniform approach in the methodology of ESG ratings and increasing divergence in the market is potentially causing more confusion than clarity.

To support financial advisers in making investment decisions aligned with their clients’ objectives and values, we will be introducing ESG Ratings into FE Analytics to offer a number of data points to assess a fund’s ESG credentials in one place.

  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
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