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Help your clients achieve their goals with comprehensive financial planning

Enhance client understanding and outcomes with our powerful goal-based financial
planning software, FE CashCalc.

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Bring your clients' financial situations to life

Financial planning enables you to take a comprehensive look at your client's current financial situation and effectively plan ahead for the future.

Empower your clients to take an active role in their financial futures by clearly demonstrating the impact of different decisions, whilst ensuring recommendations support individual goals and objectives.

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  • Improve client understanding

    Produce visually engaging reports which are easy to understand and clearly demonstrate your clients' financial futures.

  • Focus on client goals

    Map out and determine how your clients can achieve their financial and personal goals, enhancing the value of your advice.

  • Ensure suitability

    Make sure that recommendations meet client needs and support individual goals with lifetime cashflow planning and robust stress testing.

How we support you

FE CashCalc

Provide valuable and robust recommendations with goal-based cashflow planning. Efficiently test suitability and demonstrate the value of your recommendations with powerful cashflow models, whilst digging deeper into specific scenarios with additional calculators.

  • Visually demonstrate clients' financial futures
  • Incorporate personal and financial goals
  • Ensure the suitability of your recommendations
  • Complement cashflow plans with 25+ financial calculators


How we're helping advice firms with financial planning

The really important thing with [cashflow modelling] is the outcomes that the clients get from it. And because they understand it, because it's graphical, it has meaning for them. So for clients, for me, with my relationship with clients, it's very, very special.


Barry Davys

The Spectrum IFA Group

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How to choose a cashflow planning tool

With so many cashflow planning tools now on the market, it is important to understand what you should be looking for when investing in a new tool to enhance your tech stack, bring efficiencies to your advice process, and help you provide the best outcomes for your clients.

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