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Streamline your onboarding process and engage your clients

Reduce time spent manually onboarding clients with FE Onboard, and create a seamless and secure experience for both you and your clients.

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A solution for both you and your clients

Save time and improve client engagement with FE Onboard. Utilising a secure digital portal in your advice process not only benefits you but also improves the client experience, supporting better outcomes.

With industry standard AES-256 encryption, our Portal is bank-level secure, allowing you and your clients to communicate and share information with confidence.

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  • Enhanced client experience

    A secure Portal makes it easy for you to digitally onboard clients of all ages, and 94% say completing a digital fact find is far easier than a traditional paper version.

  • Transform client engagement

    Clients today expect to be digitally engaged, and 90% prefer to complete tasks remotely, at a time and place convenient to them and on a device which they prefer.

  • Become more efficient

    Not only will you save time, but 83% of clients believe they also save time completing a digital fact find when compared to filling out a traditional paper version.

How we support you

FE Onboard

A secure Portal not only saves you time by bringing an end to manual onboarding tasks, but is the key to unlocking a more engaging and much more efficient process.

  • Collect client data remotely
  • Communicate securely
  • Reduce manual rekeying
  • Seamlessly send data to your back-office


How we're helping advice firms enhance their efficiency

I am a big fan of FE CashCalc and the efficiencies it brings. It is a great feeling having the app and getting a notification that another new client has onboarded themselves. Work smarter not harder!

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Consumer Duty Price and Value: How to comply using the Financial Advice Hub

Discover how the FE fundinfo Financial Advice Hub can support you in meeting the Price and Value outcome using digital onboarding, cashflow modelling, powerful calculators and financial planning tools, and whole of market investment data.

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