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Streamline your middle office fund operations and global distribution through a revolutionary technology platform powered by market leading fund data.  

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Asset managers are tasked with the critical responsibility of maximising returns while managing risks in an industry that is constantly influenced by economic fluctuations, regulatory changes and technological advancements.  

Key challenges faced by asset managers, such as regulatory compliance, siloed systems, complex operating models, ongoing margin compression and need to integrate sustainability factors in investing highlight a need for comprehensive operational and compliance support, effective data management and analytics, and access to market insights.   

We can address these needs through the provision of our Fund Information Hub platform, powered by our market leading fund data, that enables end-to-end data management, document production and integrated distribution in an increasingly global context. 

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  • End-to-end solution 

    Streamline your operating model by appointing a value-driven partner that offers more than just a point solution.   

  • Robust regulatory compliance  

    Our platform simplifies the creation of regulatory documents, facilitates the timely and compliant filing of documents to regulatory bodies and reduces the administrative burden on asset managers.  

  • Optimised data management 

    We are ISO-accredited, leading the provision and transmission of our golden source fund data through our platform offering and global distribution network.  

  • Integrated sustainability factors

    We provide in-depth ESG expertise in data and analytics, allowing asset managers to communicate the sustainability and social impact of their products.  


Discover more about the Fund Information Hub and our connected services

Manage your global fund distribution and operations across the middle office more effectively, and efficiently

Fund Information Hub

The Fund Information Hub is the product of our collective vision streamlining fund data management, documents and distribution, all in one place. It aims to serve the global fund management industry and its participants more efficiently and effectively in the pursuit of frictionless global fund distribution.   

  • Integrated solution
  • Scalable
  • Quality data
  • Unparalleled distribution
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Real insights

Global Fund Registration & Filing

Our team of fund registration experts, supported by our technology, will take away the burden of complex fund registration and maintenance obligations and facilitate for you timely and compliant distribution globally. 

  • Funds registration & maintenance
  • Dedicated Registration Manager
  • Pre-sale consultation
  • Regulatory coverage
  • European facilities service

Regulatory & Marketing Document Production

As the largest fund document production supplier in Europe, we leverage our close relationships with template issuers and regulators, giving us an opportunity to lobby changes beneficial to our clients. 

Our technology facilitates flexible, transparent, automated and compliant document production in up to 35 languages. 

  • Data excellence
  • Digitalisation & automation
  • Comprehensive solution
  • Flexible tool

ESG Reporting

With our ESG Reporting solution, we help you comply with new and evolving ESG and climate disclosure requirements and produce comprehensive ESG reports. We support the production of regulatory reports such as SFDR, SDR and TCFD, as well as enable the ability for you to integrate financial and ESG data to integrate sustainability factors into your existing investment fund factsheets.  

  • ESG expertise
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Cost reduction
  • Flexible & comprehensive service


Ensure the timely delivery of your quality-assured fund data and documents to key distribution partners, platforms, banks and investors around the world. You can leverage the breadth of our dissemination network to reach your target audiences and be confident that your published fund information retains its integrity against our golden source database through our Loopback managed service.  

Furthermore, you can outsource and scale up your fee and distribution channel management process to minimise risk, increase efficiencies and ensure regulatory compliance.  

  • Speed-to-market
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Distribution & marketing insight
  • Operational efficiencies

Marketing & Digital Solutions

Leverage our proprietary publications to amplify your key go to market campaigns and messages for maximum reach and targeted exposure. Grow your funds under management through targeted advertising, publishing and digital solutions to enhance your digital investor engagement with supporting MI to better inform your marketing strategy and investment.  

  • Finessed marketing strategy
  • Fund advertising
  • Enhanced global presence

Research & Insights

Gain sector insights and conduct value assessments of your funds against competitors, with FE Analytics and FinXL. With one of our flagship products, your marketing, distribution and client relations teams gain direct visibility of your fund data in the market, giving you the freedom to conduct market and fund research, review your investment propositions and compare ESG credentials.  

  • Benchmark & research funds
  • Wealth of data at your fingertips
  • Comprehensive data & document coverage
  • Oliver Steen FE Fundinfo
  • Alex Donati FE Fundinfo
  • Ludo Milne FE Fundinfo

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