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Are you addressing ESG data challenges & fulfilling your ESG reporting requirements?

With our ESG solutions and expertise, we help you comply with ESG and climate disclosure requirements, produce comprehensive reports and promote your ESG proposition. 

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Solving your ESG Data and Reporting challenges

Keeping abreast with the ever evolving ESG Reporting requirements is a significant challenge for Asset Managers and Fund Distributors. 

We support you to navigate the  complex regulatory framework and remain compliant in the promotion and distribution of your ESG funds. Our team of specialists provide expertise and insights in ESG, TCFD, SFDR, SDR and Swiss Climate Scores reporting, and the creation and dissemination of European ESG Template (EET) data. 

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  • Insource ESG expertise

    Our expert team has over 13 years’ experience in ESG reporting, screening and positioning ESG credentials, and adapting to market trends and investor expectations. ​​

  • ESG reporting and disclosure

    Satisfy transparency obligations and reporting requirements at product-level and benefit from a multidimensional disclosure of risks, and a standardised and objective framework for dynamic assessment and measurement.

  • SFDR compliance

    Our SFDR Reporting solution covers all three reports as defined in the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS). Comply with rules on transparency, disclosure, internal policies and reports  - we help you to produce timely and accurate documents, and to minimise compliance risks.


Trust in our ESG experience

ESG Marketing Reporting

With our ESG reporting solution, your investment products are analysed and evaluated on various sustainability criteria to provide a rounded view of their ESG profile.

  • Data agnostic
  • Flexible templates
  • Market insights
  • Fully automated
  • Publication and Dissemination

SFDR Reporting

Comply with EU ESG regulation requirements and automate the production of your SFDR reports.  Our SFDR Reporting solutions supports you with the production of your SFDR reports, including the reconciliation of key ESG-related data requirements and required calculations. 

  • Data agnostic
  • Managed service available
  • Data alignment to EET
  • RTS aligned templates and calculation
  • Publication and dissemination

TCFD Reporting

Our TCFD Report production service automates the production of TCFD reports for UK asset managers and asset owners, including the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon emissions, carbon footprint and carbon intensity.


  • Data agnostic
  • Flexible templates
  • Automated workflows
  • Audit trail & document archive
  • Publication & dissemination

Swiss Climate Scores Reporting

In order to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, the Swiss financial market has introduced the Swiss Climate Scores. We were the first to launch the production of  Swiss Climate Score Reporting capabilities with our deep understanding of the fund market in Switzerland, ESG reporting, as well as the production of regulatory reports. 

  • Data agnostic
  • Flexible templates
  • Managed service available
  • Publication and dissemination

European ESG Template (EET) Production

The European ESG Template (EET) facilitates the exchange of ESG data between market participants and complies with European Financial Market Regulation. The EET provides the required data set for all funds to explain a fund’s ESG characteristics. We help Asset Managers and Product Manufacturers with the Production of the EET in full alignment with their SFDR disclosures as well as the Dissemination of EET required data fields for EU financial products and market participants.

  • ESG & regulatory expertise
  • SFDR alignment
  • Proven track record


Our ESG Specialists have the latest ESG and regulatory expertise

Recent years have demonstrated that investing by ESG principles does not mean compromising on financial returns, while responsible investment strategies have steadily captured inflows – bucking the trend of investors pulling money from active funds. From being on the sidelines of the industry, ESG has moved firmly into the mainstream.

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Dr. Matthias Breier

Head of ESG product, FE fundinfo

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