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Our ratings help fund selectors, advisers and investors compare funds. We’re the only ratings provider that evaluates all key performance attributes of a fund.



Strength in numbers


The success of our ratings is built on the combination of the strength of our data and the large footprint of advisers using our software for fund research. FE Analytics has over 9,500 users researching and analysing funds, and Trustnet routinely clocks nearly half a million fund searches using our ratings every year.

Showcase your funds


We look at a fund from all angles, so you can choose how to position your funds to your customers. Our ratings help highlight key features such as fund performance, manager track history, index tracking consistency and best in an asset class.

Independent and widely respected


Our ratings are quantitatively based and powered by our robust and independent ISO accredited database. The independent nature of our ratings makes them credible to your target audience, further increasing your influence.

Crown Rating

The Crown Fund Rating is a global quantitative rating that is based on a fund’s historical performance relative to an appropriate benchmark, carefully chosen by our research team. The rating relies on three key measurements - alpha, volatility and consistent performance, to dictate the one-to-five Crown score. The ratings are designed to help investors distinguish funds that have superior performance in terms of stock picking, consistency and risk control.


Passive Crowns

Unlike an active fund which attempts to beat its designated benchmark, passive funds and exchange-traded funds attempt to track their index, with the aim of delivering a return as closely in line with it as possible. The Passive Crown Fund Rating incorporates the tracking difference, tracking error and fund size to rate consistency.


Alpha Managers

The Alpha Manager Rating is a quantitative rating that distinguishes the top UK fund managers based on alpha generation and outperformance across their career history, allowing investors to instantly identify those managers who have consistently outperformed their peer group over time. Only the top 10% of UK managers receive this accolade, representing those managers who are the very best of the best in the industry.


FE Investments Approved

Combining multiple ratings and qualitative research, our research team run an outsourced investment proposition for advisers that combines fund selection, risk-targeted portfolio management and governance. The bedrock of our research proposition is its fund list - the Invest Approved List. The Invest Approved List has been scrutinised from all angles and represents the best funds, fund managers and investment houses in the industry.

Adviser Fund Index

The AFI is made up of the recommended portfolios of a panel of leading UK financial advisers. Advisers and investors alike can look for funds recommended by this influential panel for reassurance or new ideas in fund selection.

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