Graduate scheme

Get a flavour of what sort of career development opportunities you can expect at FE fundinfo


FE fundinfo Graduate scheme

In today’s fast-moving, global environment FE fundinfo is committed to creating awareness/opportunities for students, undergraduates and graduates to hone skills, behaviours and knowledge which enable them to become tomorrow’s decision-makers.

The company offers a variety of careers for individuals with a diverse range of interests from fund analysis, research, business analysis, and journalism, project management to software design, sales, IT security, marketing and client relationship management.

UK Graduate Scheme

For the successful graduates who accept an 18-month placement with FE fundinfo, we will provide them with the necessary insight, knowledge and skills to equip them to work effectively not only for FE fundinfo but for any fast-moving, innovative, highly technical organisation.  The company will ensure that not only is the work interesting but that the team have a lot of fun along the way.

The aim of our Graduate Scheme is to enable candidates to experience multiple areas of our global community and encourage a strong, well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of the company by the end of the 18 months.

The structure of our scheme is such that each graduate will be able to build up the necessary skills for a lasting career within a variety of sectors, as well as establishing an idea of the direction they would like to move in – this flexibility is afforded in the final secondment.

“It was my first job from leaving university and I felt both protected and supported.  Managers ensured that I was kept busy, the targets levied were challenging but not too harsh and I think it was the perfect environment for a fresh graduate to find themselves in”.

“I like that everyone is friendly and there are a lot of people my age. People enjoy their jobs and are always willing to help.  There is always a lot of laughter in the office and it is a great environment to work in.”

“I love the work but a large portion is about the people I work with, the degree of freedom I am given and the experience and knowledge I have gained during my time with the company.”

“I have really enjoyed my time with the company, the people are friendly, the work is challenging as it does not just focus on one aspect but has allowed me to really develop and ensure that I am both learning and applying a lot of technical knowledge.”

“I have no regrets about the time I have spent here.  From the outset, I wanted a role that offered challenges, diversity and kept me busy and this is exactly what has been delivered, what I have learnt from my time with the company has positioned me very well to continue my career.”

“When I started with FE fundinfo I did not know anything about funds or investments (I had undertaken a history degree) and therefore I did not know what to expect.  I now feel that I have learnt a lot about investments and my time with FE fundinfo has given me the direction in which I now want to take my career.”

India Graduate Scheme

We hire interns at the Chennai office on a regular basis. As a practice, only graduate/ post-graduate interns are hired for a short duration that could span anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months.

The objective of hiring interns at FE is to acquaint aspiring graduates and postgraduates with work-life, an office environment and the several nuances of a career. At FE, their work assignments range across domains and departments. Interns in the HR department have worked on projects that relate to employee MIS, employee information digitisation, HR analytics, recruitment trends, attrition analysis, engagement and compensation, amongst others. At the end of the internship program, the intern is provided with a certificate, attesting the fact that they have spent the agreed duration with FE. The certificate will also specify the nature of the project undertaken.

Switzerland Graduate Scheme

In Zurich, we support the Federal Vocational Education and Training Programme and offer three-year apprenticeships positions. Vocational education and training forms the basis for life-long learning and serves as a gateway to numerous occupations.

“I am really happy that I have the opportunity to do my three-year apprenticeship here at FE fundinfo. They provide me with the opportunity to take responsibility, which helps me in being successful in my education. I get the opportunity to see different departments, which makes my apprenticeship really interesting “.