Is AI a threat to advisers’ businesses, or will it enable efficiency gains and boost business growth? Does a one-stop shop cut you off from best-of-breed tech, or can you have the best of both worlds? What are the pros and cons of adviser as a platform, and when does the risk warrant the reward? How can you add over 30 clients per adviser without adding significant cost to your bottom line? 

Questions like these are becoming more pressing as the advisory market rapidly consolidates around vertically integrated players to drive scale and operating efficiencies. With these propositions now offering some or all elements of the adviser value chain in one place, the need for independent advisers to evaluate and integrate their tech stack to drive efficiencies becomes ever more important but is something the industry has long struggled with.

At our recent adviser event, FE fundinfo's in-house experts and other industry names explored how advisers can match the needs of their business and clients to technology and discussed what innovations in financial services technology and integrations could change the advice process for the better.

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