Another Adviser Podcast - Episode 1

The one about Cashflow Planning with Ray Adams

18 August 2021

Another Adviser Podcast: Episode 1 - The one about Cashflow Planning with Ray Adams

Introducing the Another Adviser Podcast, where Rob Gleeson, CIO here at FE Investments, will be discussing the real issues facing Financial Advisers. During the series, Rob will be speaking with industry experts and discussing how the landscape is evolving from the Adviser’s angle. This can also be downloaded as a podcast to listen on the go by clicking here

In Episode 1, Rob is speaking with Ray Adams Founder of CashCalc and Chairman of Niche IFA about how cashflow planning is helping advisers enable more clients to achieve their life goals. Ray is passionate about his responsibilities as an Adviser, saying it's the best job in the world. For him, he loves turning those bits of paper into life goals and cashflow planning brings it all to life. They explore how it is helping advisers help more clients achieve those goals.

During this episode Rob and Ray discuss:

  • What is wrong with attitude to risk and why do advisers need to focus on real outcomes
  • The importance of capacity for loss, and the important difference between attitude to volatility and capacity for loss
  • Is the current regulation appropriate
  • What does cashflow planning not take account of
  • Cashflow planning and decumulation
  • How cashflow planning is changing attitudes to investment selection
  • Technology, innovation and the continued evolution of financial advice