Another Adviser Podcast - Episode 2

Applying ESG Theory to Investment Selection

29 September 2021

Another Adviser Podcast: Episode 2 - Applying ESG Theory to Investment Selection with Nimisha Sodha

Introducing the Another Adviser Podcast, where Rob Gleeson, CIO here at FE Investments, will be discussing the real issues facing Financial Advisers. During the series, Rob will be speaking with industry experts and discussing how the landscape is evolving from the Adviser’s angle.

This can also be downloaded as a podcast to listen on the go by clicking here.

In Episode 2, Rob is joined by Nimisha Sodha, Head of ESG at FE fundinfo as they discuss all things ESG from the advisers perspective.

The wide-ranging conversation focuses on ESG fundamentals, what FE Investments itself looks for, and the issues around engagement.

During this episode Rob and Nimisha discuss:

  • What really matters to retail investors when it comes to ESG
  • The importance of having ESG as a core part of any portfolio
  • Why it is critical to have ESG embedded into risk management
  • The variety of ways ESG can be incorporated into a fund


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