Another Adviser Podcast - Episode 3

Analysing the UK Economy and Inflation

11 November 2021

Another Adviser Podcast: Episode 3 - An inflation spectacular with Azad Zangana.

In Episode 3 of ‘Another Adviser Podcast’, Rob Gleeson, CIO at FE Investments is joined by Azad Zangana, Senior European Economist at Schroders as they discuss the main factors driving inflation rates in the UK and the impacts on markets, investors and consumers.

This can also be downloaded as a podcast to listen on the go by clicking here.

This wide-ranging conversation focuses on how supply, demand and the changes in consumer behaviour is impacting inflation rates and the wider economy.

During this episode Rob and Azad discuss:

  • How investors are reacting to the changes in inflation rates. 
  • Why competition is healthy in creating an equilibrium in the economy. 
  • How supply and demand is impacting inflation. 
  • Why investing into technology is the solution to solving supply gaps.