Introducing the new Morningstar Medalist Rating into FE Analytics

Morningstar’s new Medalist Rating is now available in FE Analytics for better strategic evaluation of a fund’s performance.

03 August 2023

The Morningstar Medalist Rating is now available in FE Analytics, allowing you to quickly filter and identify funds which, according to Morningstar’s assessment, have the potential to outperform their Morningstar Category index after fees. 

The Morningstar Medalist Rating is the result of combining the Analyst and Quantitative Ratings, merging forward-looking qualitative and quantitative analysis into one rating system. It is a five-tier rating system that ranks funds from Gold to Negative, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze indicating that the fund may outperform the market in the long term.

Using FE Analytics to research Morningstar Medalist Ratings

The Morningstar Medalist Ratings are available within multiple areas of FE Analytics, allowing you to utilise them across many aspects of your process.

Custom Portfolio Report Builder

View the Medalist Rating of funds when generating Medium and Long Scans. For the Long Scan, the Medalist Rating will be a part of the report in the Fund Information table, whereas for the Medium Scan, you will need to modify the Portfolio Table settings to add it to your table.

Morningstar Medalist Rating in a Medium Scan on FE Analytics

Custom Table 

Build Custom Tables based on the Morningstar Medalist Rating from either the Quick Find, the Field in the Pricing and General Information, or the Rating section of the Performance Characteristics. The final results will give you a table that includes the Fund, Citicode, and the Morningstar Medalist Rating. 

Fund Filter

Run your own analysis of the funds that fulfil your criteria by setting and saving your preferred Medalist Rating as an active list to always make sure it stays up to date. 

Alert Manager

Easily monitor the portfolios you build and stay up to date with any changes by setting up an alert via Alert Manager to notify you of any changes to the Medalist Ratings of your chosen funds. You will receive a notification if any changes occur and, of course, you can modify the alert any time you wish.  

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