On-demand Webinar: The Future of Fund Data

FE fundinfo partners with Funds Europe to deliver a webinar discussing what the future holds for fund data management.

06 December 2023

FE fundinfo is thrilled to join forces with Funds Europe to bring you a webinar that delves into the future of fund data management and its potential to reshape data transmission and dissemination within the asset management landscape.

We explore how FE fundinfo’s ‘My Data’ application, embedded in the Fund Information Hub, is helping asset managers with their fund data management.

The following points are also covered in this webinar:

  • Tools that are available for asset managers and fund distributors to optimise fund data management and distribution
  • The role of global fund classifications and ratings in the market
  • How technology and automation can enrich data, uphold integrity and our ability to extract meaningful insights

Your expert panel for this session includes:

  • Rob Botha, Head of Data Operations, FE fundinfo
  • Thomas Tilley, Senior Economist, EFAMA
  • Tim Gutzmer, Chief Data Officer, Credit Suisse Asset Servicing

Watch the webinar below: