Unlock the power of your fund data by producing dynamic visualisations of your fund information to captivate and aid your clients’ investment decisions. Our digital solutions mean you spend less time on producing reports, and allow you to provide greater transparency and insights into your products, all in your own brand.

How we can help

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Our range of digital solutions seamlessly and efficiently integrate with your existing technology and are customised to match your unique branding, investment product range, language and currency requirements. Our in-house configuration platform means we get you up and running quickly whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Continuous innovation

Continuous innovation

Our digital solutions ensure that you benefit from the latest data and functionality and keep you ahead of any technological advancements in the market. We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our offering and provide you with the most innovative solution for your business.

Configurable and scalable

Configurable and scalable

We build our own software around the data we collect and hold in-house, allowing us to maximise performance and scalability. Unlike some companies who outsource the data collection or software development, we power the end-to-end process and can optimise any solution to best suit your needs.

Our Digital Offering

Quality data

We actively manage the ingestion of fund data direct from source for more than 77,500 active funds. Our modulated and scalable digital offering means you can choose to keep your existing digital tools and have them powered by FE fundinfo’s comprehensive and accurate data. Our ISO accredited data processing team work to collect, validate and enrich all fund data before it flows through your digital tools.


We understand the complexities involved in communicating your fund data in an effective and concise format. Our dynamic widgets provide impactful graphic representation and modelling of your fund data to ease this communication process. These widgets include performance charts, asset breakdowns and data tables which are built according to your specific needs and seamlessly integrate with your existing website, technology and brand.

Hosted and API solutions

Our hosted and API digital solution provides the complete suite of our custom built technology powered by FE fundinfo data. This offering includes the creation of fund centres, charting and download tools, comparison and portfolio analysis and HTML factsheets. These interactive and intuitive set of tools give you centralised control and engaging visualisations, unlocking the full potential of your fund information. Users also have the ability to integrate fund, instrument, series, widget, and portfolio data in their digital solutions.

Project delivery

We ensure your data is onboarded, reconciled, accurate and complete before being integrated into your digital solutions. We also conduct in-house configuration of your template design and branding, followed by thorough user acceptance testing (UAT) and system training for ongoing maintenance.

Business continuity

All our solutions are hosted on the cloud for optimised speed, performance, stability and business continuity.

Websites and configurations powered for our clients, by our team of data and technology experts.