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Our Financial Advice Hub helps you onboard and engage your clients, create financial plans, analyse investment options and invest in managed portfolios. With Financial Advice Hub TV, you can watch and discover everything you need to know with dedicated channels covering FE CashCalc, FE Analytics and FE Investments. 

FE Analytics Video Resources

FE Analytics Tips: Investment Planner (ATRQ)

Build client profiles and run risk analysis on their portfolios.

FE Analytics Tips: Custom Portfolio Report

A step by step guide on building your own custom report template.

FE Analytics Tips: Building Portfolios

Build portfolios and create reports in FE Analytics.

FE CashCalc Video Resources


What is Cashflow Planning?

Learn about the various methods to plan for your future.

What is a Secure Portal?

Find out how to securely communicate and share information remotely.

Start reducing the need to manually key client information

How to eliminate one of the biggest pains within our profession.

FE Investments Video Resources

FE Investments

An award winning manged portfolio service.

FE Investments Responsibly Managed

Explore the changes in how people are choosing to invest.

Some of our most recent industry awards