What is Swiss Climate Scores Reporting?  

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, Switzerland has decided on self-regulation with the Swiss Climate Scores. The Swiss Climate Scores, developed by the Confederation in cooperation with the financial industry, aim to make the climate-compatible orientation of financial investments visible.

Voluntary instrument for fund managers

For the various market participants in the fund industry, this new transparency requirement first and foremost means more work, because the Swiss Climate Scores are intended to provide private investors with meaningful and comparable information on how climate-friendly their financial investments are.

Our Swiss Climate Scores Reporting solution  

In order to minimise the effort required to produce these reports for fund managers, FE fundinfo offers the production of a Swiss Climate Score Reporting. FE fundinfo has years of experience in the field of ESG reporting in Switzerland as well as in the production of regulatory reports. The focus is on providing you with reports based on your chosen data provider and in your design. Our work is designed to support you in the best possible way so that you can focus on the real business. 

Download Swiss Climate Scores sample report

How we can help

Automated complete solution

Automated complete solution

Our complete and automated solution allows you to generate a monthly or annual report for your funds and portfolios without much effort.

Regulatory reporting expertise

Regulatory reporting expertise

Our experienced team has more than 15 years of experience in the preparation of regulatory reports. In addition to Swiss Climate Score Reporting, we also offer SFDR and TCFD Reporting. Our Regulatory Managers continuously monitor regulatory developments and ensure that the reports are adapted at all times.

Higher transparency

Higher transparency

Use the Swiss Climate Scores to provide meaningful and comparable information and ensure greater transparency on the climate compatibility of investments. Like this, you make it easier for your investors to make a contribution to climate goals.

Our dedicated data and technology teams produce more than 550,000 regulatory documents every year. Our expertise in document production delivers consistent results that are aligned with your unique business requirements and disclosure obligations.


Data adaption

Through our systems, we ensure that the same data is reflected in your marketing documents and regulatory documents.

Flexible data

We are data provider agnostic and support the provision of data in all forms and from various sources to facilitate embedding into your own systems. We accept data from csv and xslx files as well as from internal or third-party providers.

Publication and dissemination

FE fundinfo's data experts support you in the publication of the reports as well as in the smooth transmission of ESG-related data.

Fully integrated solution

By combining our expertise in creating factsheets with our understanding of sustainability factors, we are able to offer a fully integrated solution. By expertly combining financial and non-financial data, we put ESG at the heart of your existing factsheets.

Managed Service

FE fundinfo offers you a flexible data delivery model with the additional option of fully outsourcing the creation of your reports to us. This includes the consolidation of your ESG-related data, reconciliation with data availability, all calculations and the provision of the associated documentation.

In our webinar on 30 March 2023, sustainability experts and industry representatives, Christoph Baumann, Aurelia Fäh, Etienne Buff and Dr. Matthias Breier provided an introduction to the Swiss Climate Scores including valuable background information on the indicators and on how the scores are calculated.

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In our webinar on 16 May Dr. Matthias Breier talked about the practical implementation of Swiss Climate Scores Reporting, likely to become market practice for funds distributed in Switzerland. 

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