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Creating goal-based cashflow plans with FE CashCalc

Discover how to help your clients meet their goals with engaging and effective cashflow plans

FE CashCalc is a comprehensive cashflow planning tool that helps you create and present comprehensive cashflow plans for your clients. It's designed to be easy to use, intuitive, and collaborative. Read on to find out how to use the different features of FE CashCalc to create effective and powerful goal-based plans for your clients.

Gathering client information

The first step to creating a comprehensive cashflow plan is gathering accurate and detailed information about your clients' current financial situation, goals, risk appetite, and values. FE CashCalc makes this process easy and efficient with its secure client Portal, which can be fully branded to elevate your brand.

Digital fact find

The digital fact find allows you to collect data from your clients in a secure and convenient way, not only enhancing client experience, but also the quality and accuracy of the data.

FE CashCalc’s fact find is designed to collect all the information needed to build a comprehensive cashflow model, incorporating Open Banking to more accurately ascertain income and expenditure, as well as a dedicated ‘Objectives’ section to support a goal-based approach. Furthermore, it is completely customisable, enabling you to modify and enter additional questions to tailor it exactly to your requirements.

By utilising a digital fact find, client information is retained in a secure living document within FE CashCalc, enabling clients to easily update their information remotely through the portal. This streamlines the Annual Review process, allowing you to remotely send a reminder to update the fact find to ensure that any previous recommendations are still suitable and that client goals are being supported as best as possible.

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Creating engaging cashflow plans

Once you have collected a detailed background from your clients, you can start creating realistic and engaging goal-based cashflow plans with FE CashCalc’s powerful cashflow modeller.

Using the visual timeline, you can clearly define and map out clients’ personal and financial goals, allowing you seamlessly incorporate them into your cashflow models and provide a focussed and goal-based advice process.

With the ability to produce both gross and net cashflow models, you can create comprehensive cashflow plans tailored to individual requirements, enabling you to effectively visualise your clients’ financial futures and demonstrate the impact of your advice.

Assessing the likelihood of meeting a goal

Alongside robust stochastic and deterministic stress testing, FE CashCalc’s ‘Meet a Goal’ tool allows you to quickly determine whether the current plan is sufficient to meet a specific goal, and suggests the adjustments needed if not. This feature is key in providing detailed goal-based advice, ensuring that plans effectively support individual goals.

Adjusting and comparing scenarios

One of the benefits of using FE CashCalc is the ability to quickly adjust and compare different scenarios and assumptions to test the impact of changes on your clients' cashflow. This helps you explore the trade-offs and opportunities for your clients, as well as prepare them for unexpected events.

By clearly showing your clients how different scenarios affect their plans, you can help them visualise their financial future and make more informed choices to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, the use of visual charts enables you to communicate and present your plans to clients in a much more engaging way, supporting more in depth discussions which can lead to greater confidence and buy in to your recommendations.

Improve client outcomes with FE CashCalc

FE CashCalc enables you to produce comprehensive and engaging cashflow plans to support your clients’ goals. It's designed to be easy to use, intuitive, and collaborative.