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Is your advice process compliant, scalable and repeatable?

The Financial Advice Hub provides a framework for delivering goal-based financial planning through best-of-breed technology, integrations and investment solutions. Leverage our technology and services to create a simpler, more productive, and much more powerful financial planning process.

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Connecting financial advice

The Financial Advice Hub sits between your back office and chosen platform, providing the tools required to complete the advice journey. It helps you onboard and engage your clients, create financial plans, analyse investment options and invest in managed portfolios.

Our solution provides both cost and time savings due to its vast selection of tools and integrations which power your advice process and ensure it remains robust and compliant

By using our market-leading financial planning tools, golden source accurate fund data and managed portfolios together, you will be able to provide personalised lifetime financial plans that meet the needs and objectives of your clients and support the growth of your business.

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  • Reduce inefficiencies

    Our technology and investment solutions work together to free up valuable time so you can focus on spending time with your clients and providing the best outcomes for them. Use our third party integrations and Open API to plug the tech you wish to use into your advice process.

  • Compliant goal-based financial planning 

    Create a simple and repeatable goal-based financial planning process which drives regulatory compliance and sets your business up for growth. Our tools and unrivaled fund data help you analyse and recommend the most appropriate investments for your clients, while also ensuring ongoing suitability.

  • Ensure data integrity and security

    Reduce the need to manually key client information and instead have one seamless, secure flow of accurate data. Securely communicate and share information with your clients using bank-level security.

  • Manage risk and engage your clients

    From our simple, visual tools and engaging reports to our risk managed portfolios, we help you engage them in the advice process, deliver investments that support their goals and provide excellent service and communication.


How we support you

Client Onboarding and Engagement

Manually onboarding clients is a time-intensive task, which takes up valuable meeting time and is not cost effective. 

Transform client engagement with our client portal. It elevates all the pain points of a traditional onboarding and annual review experience for financial advisers, and their clients, by providing a secure digital environment to securely communicate and share information with each other remotely. 

By enabling your clients to complete tasks in advance, you'll not only save valuable time, but you'll both be able to focus on what really matters most when you are together.

With our integrations, the client data you collect retains its accuracy and flows straight into our financial planning tools for further analysis, as well as your back-office and the other technology you use, enabling a more productive and efficient process.

  • Engage your clients in the advice process
  • Transform client communication and service
  • Seamless and secure client data management
  • Maintain a full audit trail
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

Financial Planning

To provide good client outcomes and help clients achieve both their financial and life goals, advisers need to conduct robust financial planning that is not only aligned to their specific objectives, but also takes into consideration their attitude to risk, capacity for loss and future potential scenarios.

With the country's market-leading cashflow modeller, you can create powerful and engaging lifetime cashflow plans which will bring their financial situation to life. 

Visually map out your clients' financial plans and help ensure that they have enough money to support their needs and goals.

Present your recommendations simply and visually for clients to easily understand and make informed decisions. 

  • Focus on goal-based financial planning
  • Create powerful lifetime cashflow plans
  • Model potential scenarios and stress test plans
  • Ensure suitability of your recommendations
  • Enhance client understanding

Investment Research

Our fund and investment research software brings together portfolio construction, analysis, risk profiling, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring. It can power your entire investment proposition, whether you invest in individual funds, multi-asset funds or DFMs.

We combine technology, expertise and relationships with over 300+ data partners and institutions to provide you with accurate, golden source fund data, documents and tools to analyse your clients' investments, recommend suitable alternatives and create client-friendly reports that support your recommendations. 

Our software seamlessly connects with most back-office systems so you can import client data from source to begin your analysis, as well as from our client portal and cashflow modeller.

  • Provide good outcomes for your clients
  • Demonstrate the suitability of your recommendations
  • Gain a holistic view of your investment proposition
  • Win new business
  • Improve efficiencies

Managed Portfolios

Our model portfolio service is a full and scalable outsourced investment proposition that has financial advisers at its core. We work hand-in-hand with partner advisers to fully understand your challenges, support your business model and meet your clients’ needs. 

Working with us, you can reduce compliance risk and administrative burden with an innovative and robust investment process while benefiting from a market-leading communication package that educates and engages your clients; setting your business apart to help retain existing clients and win new ones.

Our risk-focused portfolios are driven with data insights and are fully integrated with our investment research software, enabling you to undertake detailed analysis and access factsheets and reports at the click of a button. 

  • Match investments to your clients' unique needs and goals
  • Strengthen your investment process
  • Provide customer service excellence
  • Shape our expertise around your business and requirements
  • Spend more time with your clients and growing your business
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