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The Fund Information Hub is the product of our collective vision streamlining fund data and document management and distribution, all in one place. It aims to serve the global fund management industry and its participants more efficiently and effectively in the pursuit of friction-less global fund distribution.

It is a holistic solution that gets your funds into market, ready for compliant distribution and marketing. 

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Asset Managers face a fundamental challenge in coming years, in addition to market volatility, changing regulation, competition, rising cost and delivering performance – it’s data management

The data management challenge is exacerbated by:  

> outdated technology generating costs and output errors 
> changing regulation creating more and new data requirements 

The Fund Information Hub portal provides Asset Managers with access to the latest fund data management and distribution technology which hosts core middle office functions, enabling connectivity, interoperability, and flexibility. 
We optimise your funds’ speed-to-market, whether it be launching new funds in Luxembourg, or establishing passporting rights in new markets.  

The foundation of our solution is validated and accurate fund data leveraged across the entire investment fund value chain.

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  • Cost-efficiency

    We enable cost savings by delivering an end-to end solution serving the full fund lifecycle, removing siloes and eliminating multiple margins, as well as minimising the risks of fines, loss of sales and missed opportunities. 

  • Golden source fund data

    We ingest and maintain a clean, verified and validated database of client fund data which we leverage throughout the fund lifecycle. 

  • Digitalised & automated

    We provide Asset Managers with access to the latest data management and distribution technology where functions are interconnected and operate in sync, as opposed to siloes, and also connect with your outsourced functions, such as translators.  

  • Transparency & insights

    We streamline distribution operations for our clients by enabling access to and draw insights from their own data, documents and workflows, thus simplifying and accelerating the delivery of outputs, and provide analytics to boost your sales process.  

  • Regulatory & digital expertise

    Our experts are here to help and guide you – we keep you abreast of regulatory and industry changes impacting your fund distribution and regulatory compliance. 


Enhancing your fund lifecycle in three simple steps


Legacy systems and sheer quantities and varieties make it very difficult for investment houses to maintain and process fund data ensuring quality, accuracy and timeliness. This means the data could eventually end up in the market, in front of investors, regulators and other stakeholders, in the form of reports, data templates and other documents, with errors. This is a major risk to asset managers and the market.  

In the create stage, our Registration & Filing solutions facilitate unparalleled regulatory compliance, speed-to-market and enhanced sales. We achieve this through ingesting, verifying and validating your fund data to ensure it’s accurate and consistent across your whole value chain in our output and calculations. We then obtain the right permissions to distribute and market your funds in new and existing jurisdictions.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Speed-to-market
  • Enhanced sales


Quantities and elaboration of required regulatory output make it very difficult for investment houses to keep the process in-house which end up resorting to several suppliers. To put this into perspective, we created a whooping 60,000 PRIIPs KID documents in 22 languages for just one of several of our clients, by the tight January 2023 deadline.

In the Report stage, our Document Production solution delivers, strictly to deadlines, complex regulatory reporting and marketing fund documents in accordance with your operational and brand requirements. To achieve this, we lean on our golden source fund database, our advanced technology and our technology and regulatory experts.

  • Streamlined process
  • Regulatory and investor output
  • Access to the portal and analytics


There are several players in investment markets and little consistency in how they share fund information. Constant regulatory developments drive changes to data sets resulting in increased numbers of data points that must be maintained. Such requirements put a huge strain on some business functions including Operations and Sales distracting them from their core responsibilities. 

In the third and final Distribute stage, our Distribution solution facilitates dissemination of your fund data and documents across our vast network of 300+ data partners and institutions such as data vendors, platforms or banks, to name a few, as well as 3,900+ advisers. Our advanced technology capabilities, regulatory and technology expertise and relationships built in the investment marketplace for the past 20 years help us achieve this.

  • Advanced technology
  • Vast industry network
  • Relationships with regulators


Optimising your complete fund lifecycle

Our single solution replaces several distinct fund data and document functions

Our Fund Information Hub solution leverages off our golden source fund data base and the technology it is built on to deliver optimal and pain free fund maintenance and data and document distribution into the market. 

Paul Ronan

Chief Technology Officer, FE fundinfo

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