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BX Swiss

Matthias Müller from BX Swiss explains why they chose FE fundinfo's Document Feed.

Delivering quality fund information to investors

Now known as BX Swiss, the Berne Stock Exchange was founded in 1884 and was one of the first of its kind in Europe. It is approved in the highest category of stock exchanges in Switzerland and enables investors to trade worldwide in Swiss Francs. Their website plays an important part in providing investors with key information, and they recently started using the FE fundinfo Document Feed service to complement their offering. We spoke to Matthias Müller, Managing Director at BX Swiss, to find out why, and ask him how well the solution has worked for them.


BX Swiss had a reasonably straightforward problem, with what looked like an expensive and time-consuming solution. Their website is an important tool for investors, but they could not offer them up-to-date and accurate documentation on the funds they traded. Matthias said: “Apart from price information, we didn’t have a lot of material for investors on our website. It was mostly focused on listed stocks, rather than funds. We really needed to include fund information, and we were looking for a solution that wouldn’t require a large I.T. implementation project or a lot of effort to make it happen.”


Easy to implement
Through his contacts in the industry, Matthias heard about the FE fundinfo Document Feed service, which gives fund distributors access to the world’s largest database of fund documents. The documents come straight from over 900 fund providers across 120,000 active share classes, so they are of the highest quality and are reliably accurate and up to date. He said: “The Document Feed service offered the perfect solution with little in the way of implementation and integration effort on our part. All we had to do was provide links from our website to the PDFs on the FE fundinfo website, and then we had ongoing access to comprehensive fund information in the languages we needed. The set up was very easy and cost effective.”


An ongoing service they can trust
Matthias continued: “The information is kept up to date by the fund manufacturers. Now that the links are in place, we don’t really need to think about it. It complements all the other information we provide for investors and offers a seamless customer journey.

“We looked at different ways of providing this information, and the FE fundinfo Document Feed was by far the easiest to implement, at a very competitive price.”

How it works
Fund document links appear at the bottom of each fund page on the BX Swiss website, which link directly to the PDFs of the fund’s key documents