Efficiencies in distribution


Our MPS data dissemination service makes it easy for DFMs to distribute data, literature and other essential information relating to their model portfolios. This improves the accuracy and recency of the portfolio information in the marketplace and helps DFMs scale their offering. We can also distribute portfolio data to third party providers, back-office systems and platforms.



The service takes advantage of our ISO certified data distribution systems ensuring you have a single, clean and accurate source for all your model portfolio data. This means you can be confident your clients are seeing correct data and there are no discrepancies thereby protecting your reputation.

All data, literature and reporting is verified before being distributed, reducing your administrative burden and ensuring you remain compliant with externally driven regulation.

Differentiate your proposition


Our unique service helps you differentiate your proposition in a crowded marketplace. It enables you to directly access over 3,000 adviser firms that use FE Analytics for research and selection of funds.

In turn, you could increase your assets under management by helping your clients demonstrate the value of your portfolios to investors and building trust through openness and transparency.

Stay in control


You remain in full control of your data. With the dedicated DFM administration page, you can choose which advisers get access to your data and literature.

MPS Directory

The driving force behind launching this service was to improve transparency in the model portfolio service marketplace. We now have 50 MPS providers using the service and making their portfolio data and information on their services available to Financial Advisers via the MPS Directory.

By partnering with us you can position your business alongside the other market-leading DFMs that have embraced the trend towards transparency and information sharing.

A proven audience

FE Analytics is used by 80% of advisers that consume third-party research for fund picking or building in-house solutions* and over a third of all UK investment intermediaries. Our Adviser clients tell us that they use a variety of investment options within their investment proposition and around 70% use a DFM in some capacity. By making your model portfolio data available via our MPS Dissemination service, you can reach up to 9,000 people logging into FE Analytics every day.

*Platforum Report: UK Fund Distribution: The Influence of Research Agencies, January 2017

Additional support

We can also support you with factsheet production and web-tools to allow you to demonstrate the value of your proposition to existing clients and new prospects. 

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