ESG Reporting


Meet international ESG reporting and disclosure requirements with our tailor-made solution. With the help of our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting solution, your investment products are analysed and evaluated on various sustainability criteria to provide a rounded view of their ESG profile.

Fund Fact Sheets


Fund Fact Sheets are designed to give investors access to key fund information when considering potential investments. Our fully automated service reduces the administrative burden and risk for fund managers with our end to end solution, from data collation and validation, to design using our brand configuration tool, and to the delivery of fund fact sheets in flexible formats (PDF or HTML). 



In the world of fund management, regulatory compliance is integral no matter what stage of the fund's life cycle. Our Regulatory Document Production tools are built to scale and enhance your operational efficiencies while meeting regulatory obligations for UCITS (Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) and PRIIPs (Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance-based Products), and helping you respond to significant market fluctuations affecting disclosed risk calculations. 

Regulatory Data Templates


Access to accurate, timely and efficient data and documents set the foundation for effective fund distribution. Our ISO accredited data processing teams collect, validate and populate regulatory data templates such as EMT (European MiFID II Template) and EPT (European PRIIPs Template), and support the distribution of files with the added benefit of tracking and monitoring data delivery. 

Accurate data

Data accuracy and compliance is first and foremost when building a trusted brand and offering. Each data file is validated to ensure complete accuracy.

Brand configuration

Our Configuration Tool allows you to customise your documents and strengthen your brand through consistent output. Take control of the design of your templates and build greater engagement with your investors with our HTML documents, including interactive charting and fully responsive mobile viewing.

Audit and archive

All user permissions are controlled and documents much be accessed via a secure portal. The portal documents a trail of completed actions, essential for any transparent, compliance process. Published documents are archived for 10 years should there be a need to review them in future.

Linked dissemination service

Our linked Dissemination service allows asset managers to efficiently and effectively distribute documents to key regulators, aggregators, and fund distributors, including platforms.