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An interview with Mikkel Bates: ESG disclosures and combatting greenwashing

In an interview ahead of the The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) ESG 2022, FE fundinfo Regulatory Manager, Mikkel Bates discusses the latest updates to ESG regulations in the EU and UK, how these will impact fund managers and how disclosure requirements aim to combat greenwashing.

Key questions covered in this interview:

[1:05] - When it comes to ESG disclosures, what do fund managers need to know and what should their focus be for the next year?

[4:33] - What are the regulatory deadlines that fund managers need to be aware of for their future planning?

[7:25] - What can fund managers do to ensure a smooth transition to new ESG disclosures?

[9:58] - How can fund managers avoid greenwashing? 

[13:17] - Do you think that having more disclosure requirements for article nine funds is off-putting for investment firms?

[14:33] - How does FE fundinfo help fund managers navigate this evolving regulatory landscape?


Watch the full interview below