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Eight things you need to consider when choosing fund fact sheet production provider

When considering a fund document production provider, it's important to evaluate the features that help you market, communicate and engage with investors.

You should assess the following key features: customisation and branding options, data accuracy, compliance capabilities, and the ability to integrate with your existing systems. These features can serve as a checklist to ensure you select a solution that meets your business' specific requirements.

Additionally, it’s increasingly important your provider offers excellent onboarding and customer support, whilst having a track record of serving businesses similar to yours in the financial industry.

What do you need from a fund fact sheet production provider?

1. Fund marketing   

Does your existing fund document production provider make it easy for you to configure and brand your fund fact sheets at scale? Your fund fact sheets are a crucial tool to engage with investors about your funds and share key fund information necessary to inform their investment decision. The fund fact sheet production software you choose must enable the delivery of important information in a clear and easy to understand format.

2. Customisation and branding  

Look for a solution that allows you to customise the design and layout of your fact sheets to align with your brand identity. The ability to add your company logo, colours, fonts, and other branding elements is crucial for maintaining a consistent image when communicating with your investors.

3. Multilingual support           

The ability to produce fact sheets in multiple languages is essential for reaching a diverse audience especially if your fund distribution operations expand into multiple jurisdictions. Make sure the solution supports different languages and character sets effectively and complies with local market legislation, supporting your global distribution efforts.

4. Automation capabilities      

Ensure that the solution includes fund fact sheet automation which can automatically generate fact sheets based on your data inputs and narratives, helping reduce your manual effort and the risk of errors. Documents should be able to be produced in multiple formats such as PDF or HTML,  to support multi-channel distribution of your fund fact sheets.

5. Data accuracy and validation      

The solution should have robust data validation mechanisms and the ability to streamline the integration of multiple data sets to ensure that the information presented in the fund fact sheets is correct and up-to-date. Any discrepancies should be easily flagged to you via an intuitive dashboard without the need to look through every document, decipher the differences and address the anomalies raised.

6. Archive and audit trail      

All documents must be made accessible to the necessary parties but also be secure to prevent unauthorised changes and publishing, allowing for further quality control. You should be able to view a trail of completed actions, essential for any transparent, compliant process. Documents should also be archived for a number of years to allow you to review them in future.

7. Single source of data

Good fund fact sheet production software should be able to accept data from various sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and third-party feeds. This flexibility ensures that you can integrate data from different systems seamlessly. So, whether you have data in a spreadsheet or from a third party, the solution should support the integration of a single source of clean data.

8. Customer support

Reliable customer support is invaluable, especially during implementation process. Ensure that your chosen solution provider offers responsive customer support backed by a team of operations, product and data analysts. These teams, working in unison, should help you build templates according to your fund, brand and jurisdiction specifications.

How FE fundinfo can help with your fund document production

Our fund fact sheet production solution simplifies every step from data validation to design, ensuring the efficient delivery of fund information in a format that is easily comprehensible for your investors. From comprehensive Fact Sheets to ESG Reports and Bulletins, our solution allows you to scale your fund document production, saving you significant time and resources.

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