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FE fundinfo’s fee and distribution channel management service to go live in early 2024

FE fundinfo – global leader of fund information, technology and services – will launch its newly developed fee and distribution channel management services in early 2024.  
The service will support asset managers with rebate, trailer fee, platform fee and other sales commissions during the reconciliation, calculations processes and reduce administrative burden around distribution agreements and counterparty due diligence.
During the past six months, FE fundinfo partnered up with multiple asset managers to develop this service within a pilot project.
A key objective of the pilot project was to obtain a good understanding of the business requirements from several asset managers with different fund ranges, distribution jurisdictions and specific operation processes.
The numerous feedback sessions with the asset managers helped FE fundinfo to refine the value proposition and develop a modular and customisable fee and distribution channel management service which will support asset managers by providing operational efficiency at a lower cost through economies of scale.
The new Fee and Distribution Channel management will become another arm of FE fundinfo’s Fund Information Hub. Through the acquisition of Adjuto FE Fundinfo has the systems in place to support asset managers with many of their middle-office admin burdens through an end-to-end solution which provides strong fund distribution oversight at lower cost due to standardisation, digitalisation and automation. 
FE fundinfo’s service will increase transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements while saving asset managers’ time and resources through support functions provided by a dedicated team of experts. s. 

Marina Corghenci, Director Fee & Distribution Channel Management, FE fundinfo, said: 
“With the increasing regulations and complexity of distribution channels - consisting of various counterparties and intermediaries - keeping track of agreements, calculating accurate rebate amounts, and ensuring compliance with the regulations has become challenging.

"The manual nature of the processes and disparate systems used for fee management further exacerbates the complexity, leading to inefficiencies, manual processes and operational errors."

Steffen Ahlers, Director Fee & Distribution Channel Management, FE fundinfo, said:

“Our fee and distribution channel management service addresses these problems head-on. By eliminating manual work and providing a unified platform, our service simplifies the process, saves time, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency for asset managers.

“We’d like to thank all those asset managers who took part in the pilot programme as their insight and input has allowed us to ensure that the service is going to be best-in-class for resolving inefficiencies related to fee management, distribution channel management and counterparty due diligence.” 

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