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FE fundinfo's data philosophy

Find out how easy it is for asset managers to send, validate and disseminate their fund data and documents with FE fundinfo. 

In the world of investment funds, data is the backbone that fuels decision-making, risk management, and regulatory compliance. At the same time, fund data has become more and more of a utility. For every asset manager, the ability to send data in various formats and through different transmission methods is crucial for the efficient operation and growth of their organisation. 

Streamlining fund data management

Data can come to us not only in any format, but also in any delivery method - from connecting via API into your system, giving you access to our database to update information via an easy to use user interface, Excel spreadsheets (xlsx or csv files), manual instructions via email, and FTP transfers. Each of these methods have its own unique characteristics, and it’s our responsibility to handle them effectively. 

However, ingesting data is just the first step. It is equally important to ensure and maintain the quality of the data through a rigorous validation and verification process. This process checks the data against specific rules or criteria, such as data types, range constraints, and format specifications, to verify its integrity and correctness. It is not just about having data; it is about having data you can trust; data which is up-to-date and correct, and on time. 

In addition to the validation and verification processes we apply, we also believe in the power of visibility. We understand that as asset managers, you need to have confidence in the fund data we have from you. Therefore, we have made it possible for you to access and check the data stored of your funds in our system at any time. We offer online tools to check the integrity of data formats and documents, free of charge and accessible for everyone, which follow the exact same ruleset we apply to our very own processes to ensure data quality. 

Moreover, the process of disseminating your fund data to enhance and maximise your distribution footprint is a critical aspect of your fund operations. This involves ensuring that your distribution partners receive the latest fund information, such as daily fund prices, static data, fees and charges, MiFID II, PRIIPs and SFDR data as well as regulatory and marketing fund documents.

Send us your data once, and we connect you to more than 300 distribution endpoints.

Proven track record

The numbers speak for themselves.

FE fundinfo has almost 30 years of experience in ingesting and processing fund data. We ingest fund data from more than 5,500 asset managers and process more than 1 million fund documents per month. We are trusted by more than 300 Asset Managers to extend their reach utilising our unique network into platforms and various distribution channels, such as financial advisers, wealth managers and banks. Our database covers more than 100,000 funds, actively pricing over 385,000 share classes. Due to our long and proven collection track record, we are now storing more than 88 million original fund documents from Europe, ASEAN countries and the US. 

Simplifying the complex 

Data transformation is a crucial part of our data onboarding process, removing any unnecessary burdens for any asset managers partnering with us for fund data management and distribution. We have invested in tools and skillsets to achieve our intelligent transformation capabilities, to deliver high accuracy, fast pace and large volumes of data transformation. 

To find out more about our data management capabilities and systems, contact us