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Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2024

Executive Summary

Corporate and sustainable disclosures play a crucial role in today’s global fund management landscape, many of which are seeking to establish transparency and accountability, with varying degrees of alignment established between global economies, firms and funds.

The pace of development and change is varied across the board, with clear front runners and others who prefer to take a wait and see/adopt approach.

This year’s whitepaper covers:

  • The latest developments in sustainable taxonomies
  • The challenges and opportunities of sustainable disclosures
  • Regulatory responses to greenwashing and fund labelling
  • The evolution of corporate sustainability disclosures
  • The future of pre-contractual disclosures such as PRIIPs.

The paper also highlights the different stages and approaches of regulatory development and change in various jurisdictions such as the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and draws out the importance of interoperability and harmonisation for cross-border sustainable investment flows.

As ever, given the expected understanding of intricacies and nuances, the need for standardised definitions, transparent methodologies and a shared understanding of industry best practices is increasingly apparent.

However, what is most promising is the open discourse between the regulatory authorities and the industry’s collective willingness to commit to transparency and sustainable financial practices.

Global Fund Management Regulatory Outlook 2024

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