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How does FE fundinfo manage your fund data?

Fund data management sits at the core of our business at FE fundinfo. Our expertise in fund data management forms a strong foundation for the development and delivery of our connected services, which span from fund registration and filing to data distribution and regulatory compliance solutions.

Our golden source database securely stores all data that has been received and validated through our automated controls and verified by our dedicated data teams. This includes key numerical data such as a fund’s assets under management, fees, returns, ratios as well as information such as fund managers’ names, unique identifiers and fund documents. With nearly 2,000 unique data field types and over 1 million static values, our database handles a wide range of data, including static, dynamic, regulatory, full portfolio holdings and documents, which are processed on a monthly basis by FE fundinfo.

What FE fundinfo’s data management process entails?

Our data management process involves a couple of steps to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Step 1: Data cleanse, enrichment and maintenance

After successfully ingesting the client's data, we conduct validation checks to ensure each data point is accurate at a given time, as described in our How to migrate to FE fundinfo blog post here. If necessary, we can fill in any data gaps to benefit our clients. Once this is completed, we ensure that all data points remain accurate and ready for further processing. This accuracy is crucial for step 2.

Step 2: Calculations

Data accuracy is particularly important in this step as any deviations can have a significant impact on information published in regulatory documents such as UCITS KIDs, PRIIPs KIIDs, ESG/SFDR reporting and marketing factsheets, as well as performance figures, ratios, and ratings calculations. We also have the capability to generate calculations in new or existing geographies to meet local requirements.

Enhancing your data

My Data is a feature available in the Data Management module on our Fund Information Hub portal. We introduced this functionality to significantly reduce the administrative burden for our clients when it comes to clarifying data through long email exchanges. Now, they have easy access to their ingested data and the ability to accept or reject any flagged inaccuracies with the click of a button, accessible 24/7.

Furthermore, My Data offers our clients advanced reporting capabilities. They can access management information based on their ingested data, including the Health Score benchmarked against their peer group. They can also view their score per domicile, along with historical records. We provide detailed information on the accuracy of different data types such as static, dynamic, regulatory and more. It’s important to note that both accuracy and timeliness of each data point contribute to are determining this score.

Last but not least, we provide our clients with insight into the type of requests received from distributors. This includes a breakdown of their most requested data points, offering a unique opportunity to significantly increase their funds` speed-to-market and improve the effectiveness of their fund sales and distribution efforts.

Get your My Data health score today with unparalleled insights to your data quality against our golden source database.

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