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How FE fundinfo conducts fund data distribution

Effective and timely distribution of accurate fund data is crucial for fund managers. Your success depends on delivering this information to fund selectors and investment decision makers in a reliable manner. However, this seemingly simple task presents one of the main challenges in the fund industry.

Fund data dissemination – a constant challenge across the fund industry

With numerous players in the fund industry ecosystem, there is little consistency on how fund data is exchanged and disseminated. Different systems and the need for customised formats and templates make fund data dissemination a complex and rather manual process.

The challenge is further intensified by frequent regulatory changes, creating a greater administrative burden. Each update introduces a greater number of data fields that must be shared across the ecosystem.

Despite the acceleration in digitalisation in other parts of the business, a majority of fund manufacturers still rely on outdated and time-consuming data management and distribution methods.

This legacy approach impacts the ability to share fund data with distribution, platforms and vendors. It adds a significant burden on various business functions, including Operations and Sales, diverting their attention from their core responsibilities.

Here are some of the key challenges faced by fund managers in distributing data:

  • Reaching key distributors
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Maintaining data quality and accuracy
  • Regulatory complexity
  • Controlling fund data health after dissemination
  • Lack of insight on consumption of fund data

Discover how your fund data distribution can be streamlined with Data Dissemination within the Fund Information Hub. 

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How does FE fundinfo help distribute fund data?

At FE fundinfo, we offer you Data Dissemination services that provide a fast, cost-effective, and efficient solution to distribute fund data to your network of distributors. With this service, your distribution partners receive the most up-to-date and consistent fund information. This includes daily fund prices, static data, fees and charges, regulatory data, and cost breakdowns.

Whether you’re distributing static, dynamic, full portfolio holdings or regulatory data, we deliver your fund data through a fully automated and secure system, which significantly reduces the workload on your client support teams.

You also gain operational efficiencies as you are dealing with one experienced partner versus multiple recipients to scale distribution. Our dedicated and expert fund data teams help you to enhance data quality and accuracy and give you the support you need to meet frequently changing regulatory requirements.

We store your fund data in our comprehensive database comprising over 1,800 unique data fields to deliver the most in-depth fund information to the market. Our Data Dissemination service is closely linked to our Data Management capability to ensure secure, timely and accurate distribution of your fund data.

You also have the ability to audit and analyse your data, and gain valuable insights into various aspects of fund data distribution through FE fundinfo's Fund Information Hub portal. Dashboards and reports reveal fund data consumption insights and provide you valuable information across the network.

When you partner with FE fundinfo, you’ll benefit from our ability to efficiently and effectively distribute your fund data to our dissemination networkl. We carefully nurture this network to ensure the seamless transfer of accurate data, allowing you to confidently expand your business and stay ahead in the competitive financial industry.

Fund dissemination with FE fundinfo: 5 key benefits to keep in mind

We've been helping asset managers enter new markets around the world for over 25 years. Our fund data management and distribution solutions have been fine tuned to help you save time and resource in the pursuit of growing assets under management (AUM).

Furthermore, given the rapidly changing fund regulatory landscape, we remove the headache of keeping up-to-date with the latest regulatory updates by making sure your funds are compliant post-registration.

There are numerous benefits of using our fund data dissemination services. But here, we’ve outlined the top five:

1. Deliver your fund data in one single batch

Whether you’re managing 10 funds or a hundred, you have the option of sending all your fund data in one batch. You have the choice to send your data through a multitude of channels, including FTP and web interface.

When we receive your data, our dedicated in-house data team run quality checks through their automated system. If we come across any erroneous or missing data points, we’ll feed them back to you swiftly.

To help, our My Data application on the Fund Information Hub portal allows you to monitor the data ingestion process, address data quality alerts and benchmark your data quality against your peers. We ensure all data that enters FE fundinfo’s golden source database is consistent, accurate, and complete.

2. Leverage FE fundinfo’s leading distribution network and extend your distribution reach

After going through quality control, your fund data is efficiently distributed to our extensive global dissemination network of distributors, media partners, and data vendors worldwide.

We ensure your data is delivered to your target recipients in the correct format and in a timely manner. All while adhering to specific requirements and distribution rules. This guarantees that your distribution network operates with accurate data, saving from enduring countless back-and-forth email exchanges with multiple vendors.

3. Stay in full control of the fund data distribution process

Throughout the entire process, you have the ability to view your fund information securely stored in our golden source fund database. This ensures you maintain complete visibility of the data management workflow, spanning from ingestion and distribution to post-publication of fund data in the market.

4. Ensure your data is accessible to your fund distribution network

FE fundinfo’s efficient and intuitive Data Feed Portal empowers your distribution partners to efficiently access your fund data through our centralised data feed portal and automated feeds.

FE fundinfo data is entrusted by some of the world’s leading fund distributors as their primary source of key fund information, ensuring business continuity and security with supporting robust systems and stringent automated validation processes. Key regulatory data is also accessible which ensures that fund distributors meet evolving disclosure requirements for regulations such as MiFID II, PRIIPs and SFDR.

5. Avoid the consequences of inaccurate fund data distribution

With FE fundinfo, we regularly run checks to help you stay in control. Our Loopback service enables post-publication control and can help you avoid the consequences of inaccurate fund data distribution in the market.

Loopback gives you oversight of fund information published by data vendors, distribution partners and media companies on their websites and publications. Anomalies picked up against our golden source database are then reconciled by our data teams. This means, we own the reconciliation process and save you from the hassle of contacting your vendors to fix errors.

How FE fundinfo's Loopback feature works: 

FEFundifo's feedback loop

Take your Fund Data Distribution to the next level with FE fundinfo’s Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination offers you a fast, cost effective, high quality solution for your fund data distribution challenges. With this service you ensure that you disseminate your static and dynamic fund data to a global network of fund distributors, media partners and data vendors around the world via a completely automated and secure system. 

FE fundinfo is home to one of the largest marketplaces of validated fund information worldwide, and has agreements with the leading fund managers across Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and Asia.

It’s time to join your peers! Hundreds of the world’s most prominent fund managers already take advantage of our Data Dissemination service to better manage fund data distribution.

By leveraging FE fundinfo's Data Dissemination and our broad network, not only do you efficiently reach global distributors and extend your investor reach you also grow your AUM, comply with regulatory requirements in a timely manner and free up valuable internal resources.

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