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Introducing an integration with Fundment

We’re excited to introduce a stage one integration with Fundment, which will allow you to conduct straight-through processing from your CashCalc account to their next-generation investment platform.

Launched in 2018, Fundment offer streamlined transfers, a broad range of MPSs, as well as all the in-house wrappers you and your clients expect. However, their proprietary technology also enables them to offer a wide range of integrations.

Our integration with Fundment is therefore the first of its kind between an onboarding/cashflow planning tool and an investment platform, and enables you to either link existing clients or export new clients into Fundment. This not only saves you time by reducing the need to manually key client information, but also helps reduce the risk of errors.

It is also another step towards helping simplify your overall financial planning process. By digitally onboarding your clients, you can then use our available integrations to easily move the information they provided to where you need it – such as Fundment’s investment platform.

Find out how to conduct straight-through processing to Fundment >

Although the integration as it currently stands will save you 5-10 minutes per client, we have already started work on enhancing the integration. We want you to be able to import full transactional history from Fundment into CashCalc, and help improve the efficiency of your client review process.

If you already have a Fundment account and wish to integrate, the 1-minute video below details the simple process you’ll need to follow. If you don’t currently have a Fundment account, please email [email protected] or let us know and we’ll introduce you.

As always, if you have any questions or ideas for improvement, please send us your thoughts. And of course,  if there are any other platform integrations you’d like us to consider for straight-through processing, please let us know.

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